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Hi HWBot Team.


I use hwbot ALOT.. probably more then a regular person should. Overall the site is very well designed and layout. There is always more then one way to get the information you need.


A feature that i use all the time is the "Quick Search" toolbar on the left side of the screen. this is a great time saving feature. i would like to request it be modified just a bit:


1. Can you please remove any "NON" boint related benches (i.e. PCMark04 for CPU)

2. Can you please add Wprime 32 & 1024, and CPUZ for the CPU Quick Search Results


Add the extra CPU Benches to the result can give a member one quick screen to see all boints related to teh processor. Right now. if I have a CPU, I would have to do 4 searches to see how others are scoring (1) Quick Search for (spi / pifast / pcmark), (2) Wprime32, (3) Wprime1024, and (4) CPUz.


If you can add these few benches, it would greatly be apprecaite.


If you can let me know if this is something to consider, or not even worth your time, please let me know.





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I was doing my daily morning HWBot survey.. and i was so surprised to see all the benches added to CPU overview. thank you so much RB. This change is GREATLY apprecaited. You have fueled my HWbot addiction even MORE!!! :P



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