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Msi 670GTX Power Edition Overclocked


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Hey guys,just received my new graphics card and thought it would be nice to post some benchmarking scores from my daily pc.


Some words about the card:

The card itself is an option made from Msi.It uses the dual slot cooler called Twin Frozr.

The custom pcb and the aftermarket cooler are there for anything a user can require from the card.


But anyway you are not here to read specifications and long texts.

I assume you are here to see the results of the card in combination of my 3770K.Right? :)


So just for the record what I used for the review:


Intel i7 3770K

Evga Z77 FTW

Avexir 4x4Gb 2400MhzCl10

ThermalTake ToughtPower Xt 1350W

Dimastech Easy White



OS:Windows7 64bit

Drivers:Nvidia 301.42


First lets check what card can do on stock settings:





3DMark Vantage:






Now I overclocked the card at 1150mhz which has as a result 1315mhz~ due to the Boost technology.

I found out the Gpux max frequency but for memory had to do more tests because it could run stable at 1800Mhz without additional voltage needed!


3DMark Vantage Overclocked:




3DMark 11 Overclocked:





Final Words:


The performance of this card is great but what surprised me was the memory overclocking part.

Have tested a 660Ti before(with the same type of memory chips I think) and didnt manage to pass 1650-1675mhz.

As for the cooling it kept the core under 61C on stock settings and auto fan speed and under 57C while overclocked on 100% fan speed.


Thanks for reading :)

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