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Friends in HWBot, i would like some help from you.

I am a new bencher and need help to know what is the best operational systems (to get better scores).

Thats a benchs i want to know:



SPi 1M

Spi 32M


Wprime 32

Wprime 1024









Are the benchs i wold like to run better; its sure i will need lot of dedication too :)


p.s. i always used XP32 to 2D and Vista 32 to 3D, but i am not sure its the best.


Thanks in advance

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Actually 3D Mark03 runs way better in Windows 7 x64.

wPrime is faster in Windows XP for both P55 & X58 ( unless there's something I'm missing because I tested all the OSes a few weeks ago ).

3D Mark05 is faster in Vista x86.

3D Mark Vantage is faster in Win7 x86.

AquaMark 3 @ windows 7 x64

PiFast, 3D Mark2001SE @ win xp x86


SPi32m @ winxp or win2k3server

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