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Rbuass - 4x Radeon HD 7970 @ 1400/1724MHz - 8275.82 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset


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I did not fixed GPUz.

That's a new version.

After lots of people complaining, they launched GPUZ 6.7.

They launched 2 days after I posted the scores with Afterburner + CCC.




Added readout for texture mapping units (TMUs)

Window position is now restored on startup

When GPU-Z is minimized, the tray icon tooltip will show some sensor data

Added support for AMD Tahiti LE, HD 7870M, HD 8000M Series

Added support for NVIDIA GTX 670MX, GT 645M, 730M, GeForce 505, Tesla K20c, K20m, M2070-Q, M2075, Quadro 410, K600, K4000, K4000M K5000, K5000M 5010M

Fixed system hang when GPU-Z starts on CrossFire systems (Catalyst driver bug)

Fixed application crash when scanning for power sensors (NVIDIA driver bug)

Fixed memory size and GPU temperature reading on AMD Llano Fusion systems

Added command-line parameter -tab to select active tab on startup

Fixed OpenCL detection for all AMD Thames based cards (e.g. FirePro m2000)

Added version number to about dialog




GPUz lanched at january 21 fixed the issues.



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