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How are achievements counted?

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Not sure where to ask this?

Haven't been around for a while and was checking out my profile when under 'achievements' I saw that the Intel achievement only says I have 2 Intel submissions.

On the page for the achievement it only says 'Use an Intel Core processor for 50 submissions or more.'

But I have 5 Intel submissions for CPU-Z alone and even more for Super-pi and then 3dmark and so on.

Then why do I only have 2 submissions counted?

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Does no-one know the answer? Or maybe this should be in submission moderation?


Anyway, I just counted all my submissions.

I have 20 submissions for cpu benchmarks using Intel Core (2) and 5 submissions for gpu benchmarks.

But only 2 are listed for the achievement and you can't see which ones they are.




It's not a big deal but if it's a bug it should be corrected?

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Well I also have problem with only a few Intel Core results beeing seen, while I have dozens of them, and the same thing with ATI and Nvidia. If my card has a manufacturer, if I do not put Nvidia there, I only have 15 ATi results and 15 Nvidia results, while, obviously I have much more of both :)

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