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HWBOT Feedback: Site speed and availability

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So PJ's been on holiday for a couple days now, and hwbot hasn't reduced itself to a smoldering pile of slime yet... This seemed unusual which lead me to stop and think for a moment.


HWBot has actually been running a lot nicer for quite some time, at least from over here in the US. In the past, downtimes and slowness were far more of an ever present issue, but for a while now it seems like things have been a lot snappier than previously.


Just thought I'd share that. And if I'm lucky, I can jinx things and it will break while he's away. It's tradition. (quick, everybody trigger a manual recalc)

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The breaking down part was mainly due to running on dedicated servers using a small Belgian backbone on which we had to patch the os and middleware ourselves. Since mid september we are running on the Amazon EC2 cloud, and haven't had any downtime! *knocks on wood*


The downside is the cost though. Dedicated servers was 300 euro / month + 2x 2000 euro for a 1U server. Amazon is currently 1500 euro a month, but we are working on it to reduce the cost.

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