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Swiftech H220 Complete Review Part # 1 of 2


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Swiftech H220 Review




Swiftech has been a company in the hardware cooling sector for around 20 years fullfilling the needs of an ever growing computer enthusiast and novices alike croud with the desire to go for better than stock cooling on their hardware , with such a vast experience under its belt they accomplish a task no other company has done before , yes that's right the have breach the gap between the all in one liquid cooling closed loop kits and the do it yourselves customizable kits , a huge milestone accomplished by Swiftech that will change forever the way you look at the all in one closed loops kits available on the market.


This is where the Swiftech H220 comes in , an all in one liquid cooling closed loop that is completely upgradable and fully customizable to your needs. An easy to install , completely pre-assemble , pre-fill for you all in one closed loop liquid cooling kit , very easy to install and to work with. For novices and for enthusiast the H220 offers the best performance available as of now in the market beating each and everyone of all the competitions all in one closed loop liquid cooling kits available , the competiton for this H220 are mostly made by Asetek or Coolit in the form of preassemble all in one closed loop liquid cooling kits. The big advantage of the New Swiftech H220 it's all in the quality of the components used to build up this kit , *Powerful high flow pump made in house by Swiftech with their own secret sauce wich is 5 times more powerful than those used on the competition made by asetek or coolit , *Big heavy high performance 240mm cooper radiator , *The legendary Apogee drive cpu cooler water block , *Powerful and silent 2x Helix 120x120x25mm fans with great static pressure and pwm controllable rpm speeds , *3/8 ID very flexible tubing size. But there is more , here is where the H220 obliterate all the competition , the H220 its fully customizable and upgradable , yes you can open this H220 closed water loop all in one liquid cooling kit by simply unscrewing one little screw on any of the 2 conections in the water pump , add some 3/8 ID tubing and you can attached your video card watercooling blocks , chipset watercoling blocks , add more radiators , endless configurations really , you can get very creative with it. All this while been completely silent. You get all this for only $139.95US Dollars and comes with a 3 year full warranty for your peace of mind , the H220 has a MTBF (mean time between failure) of 60,000 hours due to his high reliability and high quality components



Technical Specifications:




Material Brass Tubes, Copper Fins

Body Dimensions 269 x 127 x 29mm

Fill Port Thread G 1/4


Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 1 in)

Fan Speed 800~1800 RPM (PWM)

Fan Airflow 24 ~ 55 CFM

Fan Air Pressure 0.53 ~ 2.29 mm H2O

Fan Noise Level (dB-A) <16 ~ <33 dBA

Fan Connector 4-Pin


Speed PWM Adjustable 1200~3000 RPM

Voltage 12V

Power 6W

Pump Connector 4-Pin

MTBF 60,000 Hours


Material PVC

Dimensions 5/8" x 3/8" (16/10mm)


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Unboxing and accessories included


The Swiftech H220 comes in a beautiful crafted hard cardboard box with all the technical information all around the box and pictures of the H220 kit. Box feel sturdy , inside the box there is another cardboard box protecting the hardware as well as bubble wrap , protective foam and the screws in plastic bags. Overall very well packed to make sure you receive an undamage and flawless product.


Accessories included on the kit:


one water pump

one 240mm cooper radiator

one apogee drive cpu water cooler block

two Helix fans 120x120x25

two 17 inches long 3/8 flexible black tubing

mounting hardware for all Intel cpus

mounting hardware for all amd cpus

one syringe of high quality team mate thermal paste

one pwm splitter with capacity to connect up to 7 fans

four mounting screws pack

one installation guide












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Testing Methodology


Hardware used and settings:


Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V Pro

CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K

Ram: 4x4GB G.Skill DDR3 2133 Ripjaws X

Graphics cards: MSI HD7970 Lightning / Asus HD6670

OS Drive: Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD

Power Supply: Cooler Master M2 Silent Pro 1500w.




Swiftech H220

Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme


Open Bench Testing under temperature control environment at ~20c ambient temperature measure for consistency via UEI DT 304 DMM with a K-Type Probe attached 6 inches away from the fans intake , give or take 3c. Gelid extreme TIM was used on all the mountings of the waterblocks for consistency purposes , I used the method of one small rice size dot of TIM in the middle of the cpu on every mount the same way. A Thermaltake water 2.0 extreme was used to compare the performance of one of the top all in one liquid cooling closed loop kit on the market against the Swiftech H220.

Default settings used meaning the cpu and ram were run at the motherboard bios default setting speeds on both Kits Swiftech H220 and Thermaltake water 2.0 extreme at the time of testing. fans used on the aio kits were the ones that comes with every kit.

Overclocked settings used on the cpu were as follow , cpu 3770k at 100x46 multi 4.6Ghz 1.25v in bios LLC high , ram at DDR3-2133 9-11-10-28 1T 1.65v everything else on default bios voltages , all C-States Disabled. Prime 95 small ftt were run for 15 minutes to load the cpu 100% , maximum average temperature was selected as reference on each run after 15 minutes prime 95 monitoring via core temp program. Two modes were tested on each aio kit on this review , silent fan mode and maximum fan mode at default cpu speeds and overclocked cpu at 4.6Ghz , Also tested was the highest stable cpu overclock attained by each aio kit.





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Performance Data


Core i7 3770K at Default Bios Settings - Temps in C degrees Fan in Silent Mode at Iddle


Swiftech H220 26c

Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme 29c


Core i7 3770K at Default Bios Settings - Temps in C degrees Fan in Silent Mode 100% load


Swiftech H220 47c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZJ_M3BOpWY&feature=youtu.be

Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme 51c


Core i7 3770K at Default Bios Settings - Temps in C degrees Fan in Maximum Mode 100% load


Swiftech H220 44c

Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme 48c


Core i7 3770K overclock 4.6Ghz 1.25v- Temps in C degrees Fan in Silent Mode iddle


Swiftech H220 38c

Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme 39c


Core i7 3770K overclock 4.6Ghz 1.25v- Temps in C degrees Fan in Silent Mode 100% load


Swiftech H220 80c

Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme 83c


Core i7 3770K overclock 4.6Ghz 1.25v- Temps in C degrees Fan in Maximum Mode 100% load


Swiftech H220 78c

Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme 80c



Maximum CPU Frequency Overclock Stable


Swiftech H220 5106Mhz

Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme 5049Mhz




Conclusion and Reviewer Opinion


There you have it , there is a new Sheriff in Town and is called Swiftech H220 , The Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme gets close but cannot overtake nor take the lead against the H220 , also while running all this tests for the last 3 days I come to the conclusion that the Swiftech H220 is in a league of its own , due to the quality of built and high end components , completely silent even on Maximum Fan / Pump Mode , and the upgradability wich is truly a major game changing , the same cannot be said about the Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme , even in silent mode is noisy and onced you set maximum Fan mode ( extreme setting in TT software ) the fan noise becomes unbearable with a deep huuummm loud sound. I give the Swiftech H220 10 out of 10 because the innovation and revolutionary way it is built to be upgradable and fully customizable all in one closed loop water cooling kit , the complete silent even while running at full speed , easy of use and maintnance free , truly plug and play. This review serves more of a guide of what you can expect of the Swiftech H220 view from an enthusiast like me point of view. Overclocker approved !



Thank you Swiftech for providing me with this sample of the H220 to make this review possible , thank you Gabe ( Mr.Swiftech ) and Elric (Doc Overclock) Phares.

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Swiftech H220 Review Part 2 , H220 Upgraded and Customized


Swiftech H220 all in one liquid cooling kit , fully upgradable and customizable.


What if there was an all in one liquid cooling kit closed loop fully upgradable that could be customized to your needs ? *The wait is over , Swiftech H220 all in one liquid cooling closed loop kit is here and this kit can do that and much more. This is what i have been working on for the last few days , installed on a i7-3770K in a loop with an MSI HD 7970 Lightning added one Swiftech MCW-82 7900 Series VGA water block to the Swiftech H220 all in one closed liquid cooling kit loop , overclocked both CPU and Video Card with added voltages , what do you guys think the outcome will be ?


Now you can add more water blocks and radiators or anything you can think of , due to the powerful water pump that is variable from 1200rpm all the way to 3000rpm 12 volts 6 watts and controllable via pwm adjustable , with high flow more components can be added , the heavy and well made big cooper 240mm Radiator can handle anything you trow at it , all of this while been completely silence. The game changer , the first all in one cooling kit that can be upgradable and fully customized , it will change the way you think about an all in one liquid cooling kit out in the market as of now. This review comes from an enthusiast point of view and I will not bored you with fancy wording and complicated colorful charts , instead I will let the numbers on the video speak for themselves , I will go down and dirty straight to test the max performance of this all in one Swiftech H220 liquid cooling kit from my entusiast point of view and after extensive testing with added water blocks. Enjoy it what I have been working on !



Swiftech H220 all in one liquid cooling kit installed on i7 3770k overclocked to 4.6Ghz 1.25v runiing 100% load prime 95 small ftt 100% stable , in the same loop I added my own MSI HD Lightning 7970 overclocked to 1200/1600Mhz 1.18v using a Swiftech MCW-82 7900 water block with some added 3/8 black tubing, running GPU-Z vga stress test gpu 100% load , both pieces of hardware were running 100% load for 1 hour cooled by one H220, amazing low temperatures for such hot running hardware on one single loop H220 , it can handle that and much more ...


( *The sounds you hear on the video are coming from my big window air conditioner and not from the Swiftech H220 or the system running* the Swiftech H220 is completely silent )


Please check out the video and take a look at the temperatures , those settings were running for one hour non stop and then I took the video , controlled ambient temperature around 20c give or take 1 ~3 degrees:















Thank you Swiftech for the support !

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You should guide Gun how to mount gpu w/c on lightnings 7970 ;)


Great work Angelo :)


:D Does he still killing lightnings everytime he mounts a gpu water block on them ? I lost count already how many he has killed mounting water blocks lol hahaha...:P


Thanks for the kind words bro !

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