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I.M.O.G. - Radeon HD 4890 @ 1210/1250MHz - 140965 marks 3DMark2001 SE


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No sinks. Full pot, so there's a reasonable amount of PCB cold creep. But those fans in the back of the picture, I also have one of those pointed at the VRM which was moved for this picture - they move a lot of air. Afterburner tops out at 1.5V, so not a ton of voltage involved.


Dunno if that might be holding me back under other benches. I tried running 3d06 also last night but couldn't get it running under respectable clocks. Gotta figure that out but haven't spent much time on it yet.

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I personally use the TPU GPU clock tool, which works fine for reference cards - you can increase VMEM too.

I found a passive zalman VRM heatsiink for HD4890 in my boxes, so I'm gonna use that + a strong fan.

Had a great card (1130/1330 1.4625V Vgpu - '01 on water), but it died under a strange circumstances at 24/7 clocks.

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