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ipaine - 2x GeForce GTX 580 @ 903/2222MHz - 226226 marks 3DMark03


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Ok, this has happened to me twice now. Can someone pinpoint where it is bugged? How to avoid it? Or anything other than saying it is bugged?


I have no problem with it being removed if it is indeed bugged but I have yet to see where it is bugged. Is there a bug report anywhere saying that it can give "bugged" scores? I mean that score is high but still not that far away from others. I'm not trying to argue or anything, just trying to understand why I have two scores, 220203 and this one 226226 not counting. I mean I have also run it and gotten scores 208194, 210496, and 211860. Are those going to be flagged as bugged as well if I submit them?


As for the processor speed, you can see in the screenshot that it is 5.0GHz and as for what 3Dmark reported I have seen that a few times (not just in 3DMark03) and does not influence the score at all.

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While the score may appear bugged, the user can clearly replicate it quite readily. Is there evidence of a cheat, inadvertent though it may be? If not, then, I can't see any legitimate argument in favour of blocking the result. Except, of course, "you beat a lot of Guyz." lol

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I am mentioning this on my other earlier score that has gotten reported, it is indeed as Nedernakker has said, mulit-monitor is the cause. It has made a big difference in the scores I am getting and is repeatable. Turn the multi-monitor back on and the higher scores are back.


So I would like to thank you, Nedernakker, for being the only one who gave a suggestion. It just took me a little while to get a chance to test this. Also would like to thank Gav777 and Dead Things for helping stand up for me. I would actually suggest adding that it should not be run with multi-monitors to the rules for this benchmark to help avoid this in the future.

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