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Don_Dan - Core 2 E8600 (3.33Ghz) @ 6300MHz - 7sec 391ms SuperPi - 1M


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You love torturing your chips eh? 2V again! Which batch is it?


All the chips I benched at the session saw 2V. :D

It's a Q820A598.



2v is Almost Stock voltage on these chips!

If the cpuz shows 0.032v you'll be extreme! Nice score anyway!





Nice chipey mate :D Can't wait to push my new one!!! (650ish inside)


Maybe you're limited by the mobo??


Yeah, actually I'm pretty sure I'm limited by the REX, on the E8400 max 1M was 634MHz and max valid was 640MHz, on the E8600 max 1M was 630MHz and max valid was 640Mhz.

Maybe I'll test it on my UD3P some day, but that will have to wait.


Good luck for your new chip! :)

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Thanks Don Dan ;) Yep 600 easy too with my first chip on first board.

But hard behond. And even harder with the rma-ed board GBT gave me back.


Poor Moose ^^

Not all boards are equal for sure, 625 is so low for a FSB WR killer like the EP45T extreme... how much vNB? and the chip can reach higher FSB on another board I guess?


Lol but?! but?! Are we on XS or what? :D

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