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  1. fuzz3l

    Raptor 3

    Maybe interested in an ryba fat gpu pot from a couple of years ago?
  2. fuzz3l

    Fat gpu pot

    Hi, I got one. It’s made by ryba a couple of years ago and is not used for about 2 years now. If you are interested give a pm and I can send you some pics. Thanks, Christian
  3. fuzz3l

    pot x gpu-cpu

    I got one made by Otterauge around 2008/2009. Around 4kg pure copper with an old school mounting bracket. If you are interested I can take pictures for you. Also I got one fat GPU pot from ryba, used it a couple of times during GTX 580 times and worked like a charm.
  4. Bundle for 1 and 2 including shipping to Germany?
  5. Dat photoshop skill :nana::ws:
  6. Coach Manning = Payton Manning is actually an American Football Player on the position as Quarterback (more or less the team leader). Currently playing for the Denver Broncos, but this pic is older as he was playing for the Indianapolis Colts.
  7. Whats the shipping to Germany for the P5E3 Premium?
  8. So you ARE the official X58A-OC owners club Nice Collection, was Never a fan of the OC, always prefered the R3E or BE...
  9. Out of curiosity: why would someone want that? I tried that too back in the time and even managed to get it to work. But it was a pain in the *** and pretty unstable. I try to find the how to and share it with you...
  10. Also try different dividers, I had the best results with 2:3 (readout in Windows under strap 400 is 3:5) and 5:8.
  11. From my experience (and i had a lot of REX) it is only the board but i never had to use Cold on the NB. For the 683Mhz valid i have in my profile i just pushed the vTT and the vNB. You need to find the Strap the board is liking the most and you definitely need proper D9GTR for that board. What are your exact settings to reach 670 on both boards? And what are the serial numbers from the boards? The early ones (88 and 89) were the best.
  12. I maybe got one laying around. But I think it's not worth the shipping...
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