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Looking for sub-forum moderator!

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Since I have very little understanding about Raspberry Pi and similar technology, let alone know how to overclock it, I'm looking for someone who is able to maintain these forums. If you ...

  • love overclocking
  • know tricks for Raspberry Pi
  • want to see people get the most out of their Pi
  • are okay with the English language
  • have an infinite amount of patience and understanding

... you are the man or woman for this position!


Give me a shout via PM and we'll take it from there!

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Sorry this is late. I love overclocking. I like making fan mods and case mods. I love to see different people doing these kinds of things so that I'm not the only one. Let's talk please. I got a score of 724.47 PPS with 1,225MHz @ 29.234 C with fan and copper heatsinks. I'm English and learning German. I'm male. I know how to bypass fan speed control and controlling voltage to run properly and etc more tricks.

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I am working on super cooling it with refigerant and adding more power to it atm. Right now I have a score of 742 PPS.

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