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errr hmmmm

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so i was meaning to submit this result then start a conversation about it ( but the button is removed :)


pretty sure its bugged...GT maybe? .I produced this result 10 times...thoughts? i haven't been following the Maxxmem game..no worries to delete it ...theirs is definitely an issue



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bugged benchmark maybe?...i can show you higher scores as well...i haven't even started to push the ram yet....idk how is it bugged if i can reproduce it (over 15 tests)


has it been tested with GT...like i say i haven't been following it...should i delete it? :)



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  • Crew

It's bugged regardless of the fact you can reproduce it on your system. This just happens on some systems. Why? No idea... -.-


If I recall correctly some of the older versions bugged with Gulftown, did you try the latest version as well?

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