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KPC Ney Pro Mem Cooler How to go sub -100c


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KPC Ney Pro Mem Cooler How to go sub -100c



A couple people have asked me why the ney pro is only good up to around -80c to -90c. So here is a guide to hit crazy cold numbers using the ney pro.


First off get rid of your stock heatspreaders. It doesnt matter how "good" or "heavy" they are, (I will say the dom GT are okay) they are not optimal for benching cold.

Heat them with a hot air gun or hair dryer for a minute and they will come off easy everytime.




Measure from middle of slot A1 to middle of slot A2 (asrock z87 formula is 19mm)It will probably vary slightly by manufacturer. Mark this in permananent marker on the pot trying to center it best you can. You dont have to get too anal here.




Next get some good quality tape and slap it on the insides of the spreaders. I suggest something sticky and thin as possible as it will hold the dimm while mounting even before you screw it in, and thin because large pads tend to crack under extreme cold.





trim the excess with a razor.





trimmed up and peeled read to receive the dimms.





so you are going to go ahead and stick the dimm to the skinny side first





backside view





this is a very important step, you want to tim the top of this skinny peice before you join it to the fat piece.





Joing the skinny and the fat. things get a bit messy but just have some paper towel on stand by





cleaned up




Now more tim. This time on top of that fat rail. This will be between the pot and spreaders so be generous.





place the mounted dim on the pot and aim for your little dashes. If not perfect just shove it over a bit.





And finally tighten down the screws when you are lined up with your dashes.



Repeate on the other side.



Last part is placing your probe. Best spot to do this is shown. I like to thread it through the pot side hole twice so if I snag the chord it wont pull prob loose in the middle of a session.

I like to put it on the inside side and try to push it 1/4 or more inside the spreaders (under the tape).





Pot should now be good up to -150 to -160 depending on ambient and other weather factors.

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