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i5 4670k delid


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Hi guys, i'm Agustin or better know as AgustinXtreme for the overclocker's world, 2 months ago i was one of the winner of the XTU Lucky Draw, and i want to share with you some pics, result and an own delid guide.



oh my god, what is in that little box?







Malasian Batch L315B336, SuperPI 1M 5Ghz 1,39v 4 cores active!


Test Setup:


Core i5 4670k with lapped Thermaltake FRIO

ASUS Maximus VI Hero (i had to sell my previous 3570k and P8P67 PRO to buy it, spend AR$2300 out of 3000, like u$389 for a Hero, south america it's a wrong place to buy hardware, really expensive motherboard but beatiful)

G.Skill RipjawsX 2x4Gb 2133mhz CL9 with Phobya U-cool (really nice Hynix chips)

Sapphire HD7950 Vapor-X

Corsair Neutron GTX 120Gb

Seagate Barracuda 2Tb

Antec 902 V3

OCZ Fatal1ty 750w



i was building that rig for about... 7 years, no joke. Upgrade after upgrade for a long time.



Let's start delidding...



Materials to use:



Cutter (1 o 2)

Napkins (a lot!)

High quality thermal compound, in my case i used Collaboratory Liquid Pro and AC MX-4

Isopropyl alcohol

Sandpapers (some people uses 400, 600, 800....etc to reach 2500, personally i used 400, 1000 and 2500, i had bad experiences with intermediate values like 1500 or 2000, it also depens on the quality of the sandpaper.


If you want, you can do lapping on the IHS, the will be some better result, not much btw but improves surface contact, the IHS was previosly lapped because i used Liquid Pro some days ago.


Ultra important!: wear the edge of the cutter with a sandpaper, we are using a cutter to separate the IHS and the PCB, if it's too sharpened it could scratch the PCB and damage the CPU!










Now we remove the poor quality thermal grase, forgive me the expression but it really sucks!






Then remove the black rubber, its function is to glue the IHS with the PCB







Do a little lapping on the internal face of the IHS, i used that kind of sponge that comes with liquid pro






We do the de same on the external part (which is in contact with de chip)









Now finally apply themal paste, on the DIE (chip it self) i used Collaboratory Liquid Pro and Arctic Cooling MX-4 on the VRM's (not really necesary, but it improves the thermal enviroment of the entire cpu, could help)







We put it into the socket

(blurry image sorry ^^)







Again put some Liquid Pro on the other's IHS side






And it's done!





A damaged cutter jeje






Now seriously, the temps:

















There was about 25ºc of improvement!!! in other test the delta of temp could be lower, however at higher frequencies the difference could be even higher.



I hope you have found that guide interesting, i do not recommend or incite to perform that kind of practice, it is an informative thread only suitable for advanced users with knowledge of the subject, any mistake can be catastrophic, one false step... cpu dies.



Note: lapping may look like it has poor quality or not too shiny but i have done lapping before with other cpus and the result was more or less the same, the main idea of lapping is to flatten cpu's surface to improve contact area.


Sorry if my english is a little basic, i did my best :)


Greeting from Argentina!

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You can see what temps you get for the transistorsin the die, so the cores, all the transistors and the on-die VRM's heat up the whole PCB.

These capactiros can be left uncovered, just like they originally are, but it's just an extra measure since you're using a liquid metal which you don't want to end up accidentally shorting the capacitors.


Also it is adviseable for people that have no experience with delidding to stay away from this procesudre, because there is a high chance to chop off some of these capacitors if you're not careful enough. I don't have a Haswell myself, but I've delidded a lot of the old AMD chips.

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