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Superpi 32m (Spi32m) final loop duration


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properly made waza is very important for last loops (20-24), if you manage to get the available and sys.cache equal or very close (diff <100) with both being high, you can drop a good second or two there



OK . Got it . :)


You mean one second or two in the last loops (20-24) or only in the final loop ???

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OK . I managed to gain around 2secs with copywaza . That's for the whole spi32m run . So i guess that's what you were talking about .


The final loop gained only something like 0.1-0.2secs .


Is there something else that can give a nice boost to the final loop ??

Maybe a faster harddrive , ram drive , SSD ... etc etc.

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I always use FAT32 on both partitions/disks . Pagefile always locked at 512MB .


I tried ... HDD 7200RPM , HDD 10000RPM , SSD Intel Postville ... And Acard .


No differences at all . Less than 0.1sec for sure (Lucky runs) .


So ??? What else gives boost to the final loop ??

Is there anyone that can comment ???

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