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Some interesting RAM, PSC and Hynix


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1. Mushkin Blackline 2x4GB 2133Mhz CL10 1.5V, I'm 90% percent sure, that it's Hynix CFR, great 24/7 kit. Comes with original packaging.


2400MHz 11-12-11-30 1.55V

2600Mhz 11-13-12-30 1.65V


For sure they can do more, 2666MHz is the last bootable setting on my CPU.


90 euro + shipping










2. Transcend Axeram 2x2Gb 2400MHz CL9 1.65V, Powerchip XED. Best PSC, which I've ever had, some examples:


2400Mhz 7-11-7-27 twcl 6 1.90v dual channel


2600MHz 8-12-7-28 twcl 6 1.84v

2600Mhz 7-12-7-28 twcl 8 1.88v (one stick in single channel due to IMC issues, my CPU seriously don't like PSC at 2600Mhz...)


I was trying also 2600MHz 7-12-7-28 twcl7 at 1.92v, but I had 55 error and it's max from MVG bios, I believe that it should be doable on bigger voltage. I'll upload screens later, because I have them on my benching SSD. To make more testing on 2600Mhz I must froze my CPU and it not always allow to pass 32M run...


160 euro + shipping




3. G.Skill RipjawsX 2x2GB 2200Mhz CL9 1.6V, Powerchip T series probably, it does not make any good clocks, but I know that some people collecting RAM, anyway it's pretty rare set and it comes with orignal packaging and turbulence fan.




80 euro + shipping


Paypal only, shipping worldwide.

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