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Titan Popped Choke/VRM?


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Left my two titans benchmarking for a while.


Came back and everything was off and there was an odd smell. I was expecting it to be one of the titans as they'd been running a stress test for a while, actually expected it to be the gigabyte titan not the asus one!


However, it seems like the top item marked R33 has gone a nasty brown colour and is leaking some brownish fluid.


The top one marked 1R0 is also a slightly orangey colour but that could be normal as it doesn't look damaged.




Pic just for reference, didn't have time to sort it earlier but will take a look, figured this was the best place to post up the issue anyway.


RMA time?

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Hey Seb fancy catching you here :P


Was the card highly clocked by any chance or overvolted because I do believe the cards have a history of their power systems failing.


Anyway just RMA the card and get a new one, no point playing about with it yourself. Shame it happened now of all times but there yago.


Merry Christmas anyway mate, hope you have a good one :)

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