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Nvidia GTX Titan reference PCB


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Nvidia GTX Titan reference PCB



Pics of the card:






Also, please be aware that the reference VRM design by Nvidia is really weak once you start overclocking. As Rbuass mentioned earlier, his card died at a mere 1.46V Vgpu! If you want to go extreme, you should look into your own zombie vrm.


These are the modifications that are on the pictures:

  • GPU (NVVDD) Voltage Measurement
  • GPU (NVVDD) OverCurrent Override
  • GPU (NVVDD) OverVoltage
  • GPU (NVVDD) Coldslow / shutdown
  • GPU Core Clock Range Shift Up
  • Memory (FBVDD/Q) Voltage Measurement
  • Memory (FBVDD/Q) OverVoltage
  • PLL Voltage Measurement


Front and back pics (click for high-res version):


GtxTitanVmodFrontThumb.jpg GtxTitanVmodBackThumb.jpg


Okay, here is the BIOS. It's the same like every other extreme overclocker is using but can't share. Basically:


- version 80.10.2C.00.00 = engineering bios

- version 80.10.2C.00.02 = retail bios


With this bios you will have power limit raised to +300%, also for air cooling. Beware ... this is an engineering BIOS for a reason!


Link: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/GK110XOC.rom

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