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Just saw my image again, it was 20s.

I was confused and wrote 24s, because my other submission was 24s, both are removed - the 24s and the 20s one.


Found the link in my browser's history - http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1047442_mario1_pifast_core_2_e5400_2.7ghz_20.6_sec?new=true when you click it it points you to some other score...

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There was an issue for submissions made between last night and this morning. One of our two servers was running on a test database, instead of the real database. Some submissions made on this server during this timeframe got inserted into the test database instead of the real one. I'm very sorry about that, I make mistakes when I work late. :(

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At what frequency did you get 24 and 20 seconds?


4,9 (I think), but had C1E enabled so screen shows 3-3,1ghz or so.

and my FSB:DRAM is actually 2:3, my RAM just doesnt go along with CPU-Z, I guess... when I make a CPU-Z validation it says ram speed | | (dimmed)

the voltage was 1,43 or 1,44

FSB 363 or 364 (don't remember).

@richba5tard Nah, no problems I understand how messy it gets when dealing with databases, I myself had many headaches over MySQL and databases (or atleast the tables in them lol.).

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