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3770K/M4Gene/VGAs/ Ram(AData2200/Trident2000)


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the items below go on sale, all are in working condition except for three of the vgas, but defects are mentioned at description.


jd8012939xyjx.jpg jd801304s6xds.jpg


1. Intel Core i7 3770K


Batch 3228B157, tray, fully working, IMC 2933+ 32M stable, used only on air, never been on cold.




2. Asus Maximus Gene IV Z68


I am first owner, board served me well and comes with most sccessories incl. I/O shield, Manual and so on, socket was exchanged by Asus directly a few weeks ago (sheet as proof available as well as original invoice), tested on function afterwards and works flawless




3. 3x2GB G.Skill Trident 2000 9-9-9-24 1,6v


Matching triple kit, intact warranty seals and fully working, sticks do 1200 8-11-8 and 1300 8-12-8 on Haswell tests and on ivy, but need voltage. PSC




4. 2x2GB A-Data XPG2,0 2200 8-8-8-24 1,55-1,75v


Fully working, tested with memtest and 32m for specs, heatspreaders lost some of their original colour brightness which doesn´t affect technical condition, which is flawless. Elpida hyper




5. Convolut of four Graphic cards


The convolut contains four cards

a. Sapphire 3870 DDR3 fully working

b. Sapphire 5770 1GB no boot if inserted, defective,

c Nividia Geforce 7600GS shows vmem errors, with Zalman VF700

d Gecube X1950XT Turbo shows blackscreen, with Macs Tec cooler


on non of the cards repair has been tried, also non of the card has been ovened :D - I offer them to people who have know how to repair or want them for collection/demos


jd801299baacc.jpg jd801300a8a3l.jpg jd801298ljbp3.jpg jd801297qblec.jpg


Prices without shipping

1. 170 Euro/ now 160 Euro Sold at german hwluxx

2. 80 Euro

3. 65 Euros Sold, payment received

4. 65 Euros sold, payment pending

5. 45 Euros/ now 40 Euro


Preferred methods of payment are paypal(only non CC) and western union, items are located in germany and shipping cost will come on top of the prices listed, please contact me if you are unsure about them. I decide to whom I sell, so I take the option to refuse bin offers if I want ;)


Best regards



Disclaimer: no returns, no warranty and no guarantee are provided by me, all items sold as described above. On oc if mentioned, ymmv, but usually my results are reproducable

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