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Work on 2900xt vt1165m

Guest barbonenet

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Guest barbonenet

ok guys here work fine.....use generiv vf1165;)


pin 36 scl

pin 35 sda


search pin on card, it's already prepared ;)


set vgpu when gpu go in 3d mode, every times;)

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I'm just gonna use this thread... I just built a zombie out of an old artifacting HD2900XT after TiN's guide: http://kingpincooling.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1095


So there are two VT1165 controllers on there which can't be just FB-modded. One controls 6-phase GPU VRM, the other one one-phase Mem VRM. I would need one evc for each controller I suppose. I think you did not test 2900XT yourself yet? Do you think I can control my zombie with your evc's properly?

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Got the eVc yesterday and tried it out. Works perfectly on my 2900XT Zombie. Was a little difficult to find SD and SC soldering points, but I got it working. "Generic VT1165MF" applies the voltage correctly.


Some pics:



http://abload.de/image.php?img=zombiecloseupbeschrif1tobd.jpg (SC pin on the back)


Adding a vid, will edi


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