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Bad 4960X PCI-E lanes ?


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Noticed that mine 4960X cant work with any Nvidia cards in first PCI-E slot x16. In second PCI-E x16 slot it works. Strange is that ATI cards work in both but at first runs at x8 not x16, if two cards are nstaled in slots x16 one and two first card runs at x8 and second at x16. This is with Rampage IV Black with latest bios. I tryed 4930K and all NV or ATI cards run normal. Any ideas why or its CPU itself ? Setting Gen 1 to 3 for slots dont help.

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First i had same with Arock Extreme 4 and RMA the mobo, after testing with their CPU they replaced the mobo so i think its mobo isue but now i dont thinks so. The one that amaze me is why they replaced the mobo ? Is CPU damaged smthng in it ? BTW Asrock was the first mobo i put my 4960X and at the begining it work with NV cards at slot 1. The issue started when i changed cards. No high voltages no LN2, water cooled. :(

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