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  1. This thread can be closed and moved. Thanks
  2. Epic news!! Thanks Roman and Eike
  3. My dewars are in my pickup, find out this afternoon. Fingers crossed ha ha Not worried though, my supplier still open as normal. Only businesses closed in my state are restaurants/bars (take out and delivery still OK) and salon/spa ect.
  4. Cpu looking good! Rerun with benchmate, then you don't need to wait for slot machine lucky run
  5. 8700k has been sold, added a kit of g.skill bdie.
  6. The only time I've ever booted this chip on ambient was for doing mount checks before pulling down on ln2 If missing ambient results is a deal breaker for anyone seriously interested, please pm me. I am happy to pop into a mobo and test it for you.
  7. 9900k sold, price drop 8700k and z370 apex, added z270 apex.
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