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  1. Hey guys, tiny bug with bios 751f and 9900k. If you want to run at stock for testing / os prep ect. You need to load optimized defaults, then manually change vcore mode to offset, leave the offset value auto.
  2. MOCF vrm can handle 9900k no problems. On ln2 no heatsink required, the cold from full pot is enough. However if you are pushing hard on ambient, or even SS then you should use heatsink. Can run without heatsink on air for quick tests fine, but if you benching hard then use heatsink. EDIT: Upon further testing from @Splave, its best to use heatsink on vrm at all times, even under full pot ln2
  3. Maybe if you test this kit for 32m wazza it would generate more interest?
  4. bigblock990

    help getting cheaper ln2

    Check with your universtity if they have LN2. A lot of them do, and if you are a student make friends with whoever is in charge of it. Maybe you can get some from there.
  5. bigblock990

    help getting cheaper ln2

    Where are you located specifically? Best to search out welding supply stores/distributors in your area. Most of them have LN2 aswell.
  6. For sure will have to revisit this cpu after the 9900k dust settles
  7. bigblock990

    [FS] G.Skill OCWC 16 bdie 2x8gb

    SOLD please close, Thanks!
  8. bigblock990

    [FS] G.Skill OCWC 16 bdie 2x8gb

  9. bigblock990

    [FS] G.Skill OCWC 16 bdie 2x8gb

  10. bigblock990

    [FS] G.Skill OCWC 16 bdie 2x8gb

    Small price drop for USA, added international shipping.
  11. bigblock990

    [FS] G.Skill OCWC 16 bdie 2x8gb

    Hey all, I have for sale one kit of G.Skill OCWC 16 bdie 2x8gb They come as pictured, no heatsinks. Testing was done with ekwb sf3d heatsinks, X299 ocf, 7740x, water on cpu, fan on mems. 4100 12 11 gb3 1.99v 4000 12 11 32m wazza 1.95v $210 shipped US48 $235 shipped Worldwide Payment via paypal. Thanks for looking!
  12. bigblock990

    Country Cup 2018

    For recent gens actually retail cpu's have been best. 7740x was only exception where ES was better than retail. 7700k, 8700k, 8086k, 7980xe top chips all retail. I agree with Leeg, no ES in comps.
  13. bigblock990


    Good price on a great pot. Better not let this get away george
  14. bigblock990

    RTX 2080Ti GPU Pot

    Vince has mentioned on facebook that he has a new gpu pot in the works tek icon. Supposed to be launching at same time as KPE 2080ti. He also said that tek9 fat will be compatible, and he is making an updated bracket for it. Read the facebook comments when he posted the initial 2080ti scores, if you want to see for yourself