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  1. CC means dead slot, or dead ram stick. Seems you have determined its the inside slot and not a ram stick. You can use CRC QD electronics cleaner (or similar) and do a thorough cleaning of the cpu socket, and the dimm slots. Make sure to dry completely afterwords. If that doesn't fix it, then time for a new mobo.
  2. Don't see an issue there, larger result window still less space than multiple cpuz windows Can you list out the info you use for moderation, that is currently missing from the benchmate result window? Maybe its possible in the future for mat to add this info.
  3. @_mat_ Is it possible for BM to detect and display ES cpu? The pic Allen shared above is a 7740x ES cpu. Also is it possible to add bclk x multi, "nb freq" (cache/mesh), and command rate for mem timings to the result window? If this info can be added then maybe in the future we can get rid of the cpuz tabs requirements.
  4. Thanks everyone! @unityofsaints You are missing the point. Benchmate is the the way forward. If we require all benches to have a separate category "with benchmate" then what is the point of staying on hwbot? It would make WAY more sense for matt to create his own database, and leave hwbot behind. Also you are incorrect about win10. All skylake and newer intel platforms are legal on any OS with or without benchmate.
  5. +1 from me. AMD+win10, require benchmate and give them points in the standard ranking. Remove all non benchmate AMD+win10 subs now. The longer you wait the worse the problem is going to get. I also agree that benchmate + win10 on any older hardware that suffers from RTC bug should now be legal subs with points going forward. Anyone who has AMD+win10 scores shouldn't care about subs being removed. Because now they can rebench with benchmate and get the points they rightly deserve.
  6. Nothing to see here. Both gb3/4 get a boost depending of win10 version. Same shakeup happened in gb3 18c ranking recently.
  7. What are you talking about? Benchmate does NOT subvert the need for a license.
  8. Your best bet is to join an active team, and hope someone has one they will sell. I searched for ~1.5yr, then got lucky and was able to buy one from a teammate. I then subsequently sold it to another teammate about a year later. Usually rare items like this are always offered to team members first before listed at the forums. I would recommend you look into building a window a/c water chiller setup. Its cheaper, and you can build one immediately instead of waiting for an SS. Done correctly you can get -25-30c coolant temps. For reference the small SS I had ($400) only did like -28c idle on 8700k.
  9. I'm glad you are here now, I really hope a solution can be found by all the parties working together. Even though I initially called to remove geekbench from hwbot, I would rather see it stay. I also really like benchmate, and want to see geekbench remain supported there. However I do feel the need to point something out. You have 5 posts total between both your new account and 11yr old account. To me this clearly indicates that you actually weren't a part of this community. If you had been prior to today, you wouldn't have been surprised by the comments at all. Us benchers are small and very passionate community. Saying that @_mat_ is an active and valuable member here is a huge understatement. So it didn't surprise me one bit to see the reaction this thread has caused. Again I really hope you decide to stick around, and that in the future this "incident" can be considered water under the bridge.
  10. Sad news for sure that the geekbench dev is behaving this way. Unfortunately I already purchased gb5 key, otherwise after hearing this I for sure wouldn't be. I also purchased both gb3 and gb4 keys previously. I agree with Mr Scott above, who else even buys a geek key except for benchers? He literally is killing his market off. +1 from me for completely removing geekbench from hwbot. In other news, Thanks again to Mat for keeping up the great work!!!
  11. This thread can be closed and moved. Thanks!
  12. Because I know that this cpu is a junker, so I didn't spend anytime pretesting for best efficiency.
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