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  1. Your bios profile, are you starting from scratch and making your own, or starting with a preset?
  2. So system freezes immediately upon clicking apply in AFD? Can you try to use bclk to get past 5.8 limit? Also can you try xtu to set multi? Trying to narrow down the possible issues. Thanks
  3. Try the attached version please. Confirmed working on both kabyx and skyx, however I haven't tested past bios 1.20 AFDSetup(v3.0_177.1).zip
  4. Good to see you back!! This is crazy good efficiency, epic work man!
  5. Sorry guys, probably didn't need the LOL in my post. I read all the thin cpu comments as refering to thin pcb and thin/small die. The lithography size theory could be plausible for sure. So much heat density. Too bad its impossible to test on older gens as they don't have avx. For the record I don't care if x265 has points or not. I won't bench it either way. Its just not worth risking my hardware anymore. Too bad though, I actually really like the bench.
  6. Regarding people thinking thin cpu's are the problem. 9900k has thicker pcb and much thicker die than 7700k / 8700k. Unfortunately 9900k dies exactly same way as all the others on x265 4k.
  7. bigblock990

    FS: 9900K 6820mhz R15

    Nice cpu, good luck with sale!
  8. I had to manually recalc my 7700k sub because that lost all points when I subbed this score 😕
  9. Somewhere between old version and R15 difficulty.
  10. bigblock990

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    Make a poll please.
  11. bigblock990

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    Boom nailed it.