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  1. Yes I'd like to see a no limit mem freq stage for each gen. Maybe see some records broken like @Noxinite taking down DDR2 in TC17
  2. Thanks guys! Just participating in the Great 2020 Sandbag Yourself Challenge brought to you by stupidcheaters@hwbot.org
  3. If the delete button solution gets implemented, that will be it then? No cpuz version / notepad / date ect ect? Basically I'm wondering if I need to dump anything I find on my usb before your cutoff date of 1-6-20 or not?
  4. You sorta misunderstood me. We are definitely in agreeance. In my post I was specifically referring to old scores from original session, ie sandbag, ie found on usb ect ect. I do this myself as do many others, however I am also aware some people don't like it. But its been a common practice on hwbot forever. Any time someone rebenches a pieice of hardware, whether to take back a top spot, or just improve your current spot, this is both 100% legit, and also encouraged. This is the true spirit of benching. Rebenching for a better score is not and never has been sandbagging
  5. I see two scenarios of "sandbagging" and one scenario of cheating. 1)Uploading an old improved score because someone beat your old #1. This is real sandbagging, some people don't like it, but for me its perfectly acceptable. 2)Uploading an old improved score, beating your old score just to bump new season ranking. This is questionable to me, however I can't say its outright wrong. 3)Intentionally deleting old score, then re-uploading exact same score to bump season ranking. This is 100% unacceptable and should be fully considered cheating.
  6. For benching AMD with windows 8.1/server/10 not only is benchmate legal, it is REQUIRED
  7. Overclocking always has been, and always will be a niche hobby. I don't understand the point of it being compared to twitch/youtube sub count? Maybe the community was much larger back in the "good ole days", I can't say as I wasn't around 10+ years ago. Anyway if I did my math correctly there has been 2612 participants to hwbot in 2019. Many of these might just be a single sub, but many of them are "active" benchers. Sure thats a tiny number comparing it to a twitch streamer with 60k subs, but again whats the point in that? As long as the hwbot number stays above ZERO overclocking isn't dead
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