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  1. Overclocking always has been, and always will be a niche hobby. I don't understand the point of it being compared to twitch/youtube sub count? Maybe the community was much larger back in the "good ole days", I can't say as I wasn't around 10+ years ago. Anyway if I did my math correctly there has been 2612 participants to hwbot in 2019. Many of these might just be a single sub, but many of them are "active" benchers. Sure thats a tiny number comparing it to a twitch streamer with 60k subs, but again whats the point in that? As long as the hwbot number stays above ZERO overclocking isn't dead
  2. This cinebench bug can happen on any OS. I have seen it on win7, server2012 (win8.1), and win10. Even though benchmate returned a valid score, anyone can clearly see its bugged. The render is missing and the score is WAY out of line.
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