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  1. That is my workaround aswell.
  2. bigblock990

    PRO OC 2019 Round 1

    Two screens as you laid out seems like a perfectly acceptable workaround to test this bench for the compo
  3. bigblock990

    PRO OC 2019 Round 1

    Looks good Leeghoofd
  4. bigblock990

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    @Leeghoofd No more pro oc division??
  5. bigblock990

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    Pro OC division will still be unfettered I hope?
  6. both 8700k and 9900k Can you explain your issue further? Will it boot OK with other kits of mem? Does it post but fail to load windows?
  7. Yes, working no problem bios 0057
  8. Does anyone have an ETA for XI Apex availability in USA?
  9. Did you see this thread?
  10. bigblock990

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    I have no problem with this, was just curious how the season rankings would work. Thanks for clarifying.