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  2. objection 🙂 me and my friend have the MOCF board WITHOUT the insolation of the 2 pins and nothing burn out in our socket After we talk with many of ppl here that have that board too most of them from USA we start to think that because the Volt diff (USA 110V = our 220V) our board didn't coz anything Again not sure only speculation.
  3. I have the 2 board asrock bios much simple to work with on asus one But u have in that forum so much information on the 2 board (OC water dice ln2) plus memory OC U cant go wrong with that
  4. I don't know way to wait for z170mocf that u have the Asus apex z270 u have here for that board olso mod bios that u can put the 8700K and he make the same and even more a great score by LN2 all the purpose of that mod board with 8700K is only for XP with Wazza on Superpi that's it! If u don't need that option just buy Asus z370 Apex and u r good to go
  5. The M version is Z170M oc formula (Micro) That is much much better board for OC and LN2 then the regular one (No Micro)
  6. Thank u both for your great afforts but most of us just want to put the 8700k on the Apex and enjoy the LN2@6c 12t (like the MOCF) aura it nice 🙂
  7. Hey Any news about bios for 9700k and 9900k?
  8. I have M8I that work with 8350K on XP without any problem Just flash the bios and u r good to go
  9. U need to isolate the two pads too if u don't do that u will get error 18 in the debug
  10. Timmee if I understand u correctly I need to take the CPU with the mod of Splave and put it on the z270 and make flashback with jjxaker Mod bios ?