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  1. Link not working Can put ather one please? Tnx
  2. Just a small Contribute to this great Mobo If anyone want to enable the USB on XP without external PCI-E That file Make the job done Open Rar file and Just install it via the device manager on the XP OP Enjoy 😎 USB3forIntel.rar
  3. Install where? just dabble click on it? which file it is?
  4. Hey ADF on Xp is it’s not fully working for me when I start it it’s just blink and u can’t see or change anything Help?
  5. The file of the ISO has been removed Please add ather download link Tnx
  6. Hey Please fix the turbov win10 URL (its says that the file is infected with virus and cant be download) Tnx
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