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  1. juste pour information attention de bien lire les règles avant de poster un score pour qu'il soit valide modifier les lod ou la tesselation n'est pas autorisé
  2. My profil is back thanks for the support ^^
  3. Hello Hello good and good, I still do not have access to my profile o.O Did the programmer look into the problem
  4. I still do not have access to my profile does the programmer have to watch ?
  5. Woopsie. A server error occured. Error 500 If this happens often, we'll take a look at it.
  6. i'm loossing my profile can't conected on it
  7. it's just to test if your w7 asus x570 formula would work on asus x570 impact .
  8. Did you have a ghost to test it on Crosshair VIII impact if it works fine ?
  9. did someone have ROG CROSSHAIR VIII IMPACT BIOS 3001 Version ?
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