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  1. more like 2.1v, when CPU-z is in the Xtreme mode I noticed that the voltage doesn't update the same. 1.6v was my bootup voltage then set it using software.
  2. Did you ever find the LN2 bios?? I'm in the market for one as well.
  3. I never left. Err. well went to sleep for awhile Hoping for a few more before I have to return the LN2 tank.
  4. The professional "scammers" that take advantage of "free stuff on ebay" will actually craft their dispute emails with select key words that only remotely apply to the situation but directly match issues that ebay looks for. That way when the dispute is contested they will side with the buyer based on their response. Most of that is automated to look for these key phrases and the more that come up the easier it is for them to side with the buyer. I'm not going to say that the US is devoid of ebay scammers however the risk is low. However selling from the US to anywhere International is a huge risk, high enough that it isn't worth it.
  5. I told Leeghoofd that I would show him how to overclock a classified. I guess now I need to bring a classy card. DOH!
  6. I completed this bench at 2005Mhz on the card and tweaked the CPU for more memory speed and while the CPU part was higher the video was lower (haven't figured that one out yet)
  7. w00t I came in 5th!!!!.................... out of 6 people?? wtf? I guess folks need more incentive On the positive. no drama!
  8. Reminds me of the wire mod to unlock multipliers on the old AXP, Only difference? this is considerably more complex, it is for voltage and you have to solder. Wait, hold that thought I need to get my iPhone 6 out of the microwave.
  9. In a perfect world Gunslinger should be able to vote an alternate, of course assuming he couldn't got. but hey it is what it is. Congrats everyone!
  10. Per the expected. be sure to highlight the time and date so we know how long you have been sitting on them
  11. Should we speculate when the rest of the scores will come in? Last day? last hour? last 20minutes? Kinda sad to have a month long competition only start right before it ends.
  12. My memory comment was related to the cpu, very low impact on DX11 but I suspect the card is starving for data. Either way I think I have a good card here, just need to spend more time with it.
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