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  1. Damnit. You're right - I simply missed the "BE" and only looked for 1075T... :( Sorry guys...
  2. 1075T definitely exists. I reviewed one by myself in 2010: AMD Phenom II X6 1075T @ Planet 3DNow! (September 2010) I don't have this cpu anymore so I only can help with proof of existence... :)
  3. Fortunately this CPU is still in the hands of someone who can make proper use of it. As far as I know Boris had a long wait to use it in a Country-/Team-Cup someday. So the least I/we could do was to give it a shot in this years cup. Even it was cascade only due to the lack of ln2. Oh yeah. Was a great pleasure to touch this hardware again after so many years. Felt like coming home... Wish all of you a good start in 2020!
  4. 1) 9900k sold CPU is boxed with blue cube, delidded with liquid metal and resealed. IMC is very good, low volts even with 2x16GB memory. I prefer to sell board and CPU together. Overclocking result: Cinebench R20 5.3 1.225V (VCore Load) with 25°C water. Price: 600 Euro shipped EU 2) Maximus XI Apex sold Board is in top condition and complete with box and acessories. I prefer to sell board and CPU together. Price: 300 Euro shipped EU 3) Galax 2080 Ti Hof OC Lab Edition sold Card comes mounted with original Bitspower water block. Card was used for daily gaming, no benching. Price: 1200 Euro shipped EU Item location: Germany Payment via IBAN or PayPal. Please cover fees if you want Goods&Services.
  5. It's still broken (it seems...). I just uploaded my AM3-Score (AM3-CPU with AM3-motherboard) and a result with AM3+-motherboard and AM3-CPU dropped out. Did I read it correct that as long as we use an AM3-Board (Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5) and an AM3+-Board (ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z) both scores should count for stage 3 even if they both are achieved with an AM3-CPU?!
  6. Last bump? How about 50 EUR including shipping within Germany then? 😀
  7. I'm interested in no. 1 and no. 4. Any chance for a nice bundle-price? Can you say how much shipping to Germany will cost? And becaus it's not mentioned specifically: TWKR is in working condition?
  8. Nice to see you back in action. Maybe you can remember your ultramarin blue cascade built back in 2007. This baby still works like a charm and didn't have a single issue. All I had to "fix" was a small piece of armaflex fallen off. This piece of art brought us a few global world records. And it is much stronger than it was built for... Last year we ran a 5960X with a calculated power draw of about 500W in wPrime 1024M. Highest evap-temperature was -89C. Not bad for a nine year old unit built for -96C at 250W. Hats off for this masterpiece...
  9. I think this thread fits better than "please add motherboard". I noticed that ASUS ROG ZENITH Extreme exists twice. Maybe you can merge both entries?!
  10. As all others said: Great collection. I'm interested in some ABIT- and ASUS-Boards, maybe a few CPUs. Now wating for prices...
  11. Yes, it's working fine for now. And I'm happy with it because now I have the same PCIe-bandwidth like 2x x10 3.0. Better than 2x x8 3.0 and totally worth it.
  12. Better have something you don't need than need something you don't have. Therefore I always have more memory installed than I really need. This memory kit was a good deal with websmile and I enjoy it every day. I don't really need this amount but it gives me a good feeling to know that there is no bottleneck in my system. For my 24/7-system I wouldn't feel comfortable with 32 gb - let alone 16 gb.
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