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  1. 25l cost 20€ (dewar included)
  2. 3134B362 (3930K) Boot 5401 / Vantage 5375 - IMC not testet. 5375 @ 1,55V Bios - 1.56 @ Readpoints on RIVE
  3. Hi, it would be nice to add this processor http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1800580 thanks - Lower
  4. Thank you, damn, I got 5,5 Gigs, but i lost it on my ssd
  5. damn, can I change my Voting to NR 3? it sounds more better to me I have choosed Nr. 2
  6. Hi Karl, here is the GPU-Z Screen. That GPU-Z doesn't recognize it as 1700m is a bug . http://www.abload.de/img/fx1700mq1el.gif greetings Lower
  7. Dear hwbot mods, please add the graphics card, I've written in the title. greetings Lower
  8. Thank you. I´m going to test it @ LN² and M3E soon
  9. Hi Andre, very nice Retail CPU. Have u already tested higher RAM Clocks and Uncore for better Score? keep on going greetings
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