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  1. http://occlub.ru/soft/12-utilities/748-overclocking-tools-cd-obraz-diska-v-kotorom-sobrany-neobxodimye-programmy-dlya-razgona-testirovaniya-i-monitoringa
  2. Sandy Bridge ... that's enough of a cooling restriction
  3. Veeery nice! Looks like you froze the board good Did you use vaseline again?
  4. The chip ain't bad. Needs to be fed voltage by a shovel, but at least the magical internal MHz wall is set high. I have a SPi 32m run saved, although with bad efficiency. Rams are giving me a bad time, my Kingston Hypers are next to useless, which makes me a sad overclocker.
  5. Oh, later, maybe, this was just for fun to see if I can catch some luck in the the AMD "Darts" competition. This thing is flashed to HD6970 and doing WCG + Milkyway ATM.
  6. Jaw dropping! Very, very nice. What temperatures was this card comfortable at? Do I spy a poor little SLI-bridge as gpu-pot-support?
  7. Is this punishment? I got lucky with 1111.57 on the second try and could not nail 1111.xx in any of the 20 tries later.
  8. Maybe they found it damages some part of the chip?
  9. Nature? Someone who tried, please do tell! On second thought: Is this about fixing lower performance on M4E or is this about restoring some of the edge LGA775 CPUs had?
  10. I hope so. But it ain't my goal. Rather run Wprime at this frequency
  11. I know, not the way I liked it to be. I wanted to make an even better score (which I will try soon) while modding the P55-UD5 for higher Vcore. Turns out the mod is more complicated, so I didn't get it to work smoothly and GB couldn't provide a BIOS. I was trying to fix the mod to the last minutes, thinking it would work, but it didn't, at least not completely. So I did the only thing left. And frankly, I expected some other last minute results popping up.
  12. This is an error, I have submitted a 232,015s score. A kindly ask mods for assistance. The correct one is : http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/1092393_aerou_wprime_1024m_core_i5_655k_3min_52sec_15ms
  13. Thanks, appreciate the words. Arman, Wprime is not about timings, they are relaxed on purpose. I could run it at CL6-6-5, at 1440(720)MHz, even CL5-5-5, but I relaxed timings, QPI, and focused on whats important for Wprime - core speed. SuperPI - totally different story
  14. Yeah, hats off to this cpu. I think it can be pushed further, but BIOS don't let me further than 1.9V, will have to mod the board. But don't know if I want to torture the cpu with 2V yet.
  15. Stock, whatever it was ( didnt want to fry them in their own stock cooler) .... 1062mV in Asus Smart Doctor, but of course it was different in reality and under load. Will check w/ DMM, but this was simply for the 8.6 points we needed
  16. "Smash" is really the proper word. Some horse-power you have there. You wouldn't happen to know how much watts that setup pulled from the socket?
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