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  1. Commandcenter Lite link is dead. Anybody have a working link or could end me the file? Thank you
  2. Hey overclockers and overclockettes Would like to buy either of the Asus X58 Rampage boards. Good condition only. PM if you would sell me one. Thank you? J
  3. Alternatively, can someone help me how to find a reasonably priced transport from Paris to Poitiers? Anybody driving from Paris to Poitiers who would offer a spot?
  4. Hey guys, I am contemplating taking the car or flying there. If I go by car, I would have the following route. Would anybody along the way (slight detours possible) be interested in joining and sharing the fuel cost? Heading out early Apr 3rd, heading back on the 7th.
  5. I bought a used Hakko 937 temp-controlled station in great condition for 40 euro. Works perfectly. It even has a chisel tip for common solder jobs and a fine tip for the small SMD, etc. In any case I do recommend a temp-controlled station and 80W if you plan on modifying VRMs. And use a soldering flux! Gluegun is very handy, also I recommend jumpers for mod circuits. For VRs, take a look at the mods. Usually a good quality 100K and 10K variable resistor does the job.
  6. I wish you the best to the future, Petri. It was nice to meet you back at older MOA and GOOC. I am sure this wasn't your "last" benching session and you will smell Helium in the future Until that time, sail strong, mighty Viking! :celebration:
  7. Hi all! Is a protector / mounting bracket for a delided CPU (like the ones that are packaged with the Asus M6E or MSI Z97 Xpower motherboards) available separately?
  8. Well, what is there to say. Initial testing run. Then I had to interrupt the OC session and couldn't continue after. Damn shame. Posted it just to have some score.
  9. This competition is great! I love unexplored territory. Plus, these little devices are so cool. I wish I participated earlier. I have ordered an ODROID quite some time ago, but it is still stuck at customs. I won't get my hands on it until after the competition
  10. I had a P5K-E that couldn't do more than 330-340 FSB IIRC. So as I was a bit mad, I said WTH and out of fun and madness put 420MHz FSB in BIOS, pressed F10 and there you go - it booted fine, all benchmarks and stress tests passed. So you see, FSB black holes do exist TL/DR : FSB in the range 330-410 wouldn't POST, below and above was fine, Beat that!
  11. Thank you guys! It's a tiny bit of joy after a failed MOA qualifier. ( Received a used, defective Lightning from an eshop ) The CPU isn't strong at all! lol On air it cannot load Windows at 5 GHz under 1.5V. But for some reason and with a gentle touch it managed a decent Wprime.
  12. Imagine all the people battling for TOP 15 on a livestream-camera. That would be intense! Flames, sweat and liquid nitrogen or just a bunch of dudes in pants surrounded by smoke looking at a screen Anyways, congrats to all that made it out alive. Luckily for me, I bought only one GPU. It was brand new from a webshop, but judging by the marks, someone had it. Oh and with a burned GPU reactor as a bonus with bent and melted pins
  13. All done correctly early on 04.07. Guess too late
  14. I am desperate here. Still haven't received ABX and can't find Vmod (Shamino's for 7970 reference doesnt elaborate much, so that I could find equivalent resistors on the Lightning) Can somebody send me PM with mod? Please.
  15. Hey, thanks! Even cooler to have you. XS rocks, I gotta show it more love
  16. I get what the organizer, MSI, would want from this, but c'mon! Many (IMO most) people looking forward to this are left with a sigh. I plea for some kind of a painkiller - one lucky draw spot, ban Ivy for all regions ... something! Make it somehow worthwhile for people without spare 1000+ euro. We deserve it!
  17. Team competition is a nice thing BUT the limitations just dont fit it IMO.
  18. Thanks. True, have not benched a long time. Deneb is a fun way to start again. This is my best on this chip: http://hwbot.org/submission/2265538
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