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  1. k so the two pads that are circled seem to be the ln2 pads that need to be shorted now just need to find out bout which resistors to remove. wish there was a clear pic like the techpowerup one for the 1080 strix non ti.
  2. took a look there already. images dont load. thanks tho.
  3. gonna hotwire my 1080ti strix just need to know what resistors need to be removed and if there are ln2 pads that need to be shorted. a pic of where they r on the pcb would be nice. cant find one.
  4. i have tried various bios and keep going back to 1003 for memory it has been the best for me.
  5. just did a clean install of windows server 2012 r2 standard for cinibench benchmarking. was wondering what i need to do as far as motherboard drivers? anyone running this os can speak on the setup process? or am i good to go with no drivers or internet connectivity?
  6. How can one reset team banner? If I clear it, it show " team banner" above my profile pic.
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