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  1. on cascade 1.75V it did 5.9GHz Spi32M/3DMark03. 6GHz wall on ln2, -120*C CBB/CB with Asrock Z87 OCF.
  2. it will be tested soon on cold so maybe your friend can wait few days.
  3. ohh my it's not real vcore, but FIVR. OCCT show real vcore, so if 4.6GHz is ok with 1.2V, it's not hard to make 4.9-5GHz with 1.35
  4. Linx (1.2V), CB R15 4/8 and some SuperPi 4/4 (both 1.35V)
  5. 4930K reserved, money pending. Other stuff waiting for you
  6. Few great toys for big boys to play MSI X79 Xpower II - from MOA 2012 as second board, barely used, full box, 100% in very good condition. 200€ Intel Core i7 4930K - OEM tested on LC, 4.5GHz 1.28V LinX stable, nothing tested on LN2. 400€, 1y warriantly Intel Core i7 4960X - OEM tested on LC, 4.7GHz 1.26V LinX stable, quick test on LN2 with Xpower II ~5900MHz 1.7V CB R15 stable. 950€, 1y warriantly. Intel Core i7 4770K - Box tested on LC, 4.6GHz 1.20V LinX stable, not tested on ln2, but it's good clocker, so >6GHz for sure. 350€, 3y warriantly. AMD FX
  7. I hope no one want to break my WR I will be really sad if I need bench this platform once again
  8. I'm ok with it one guy less in qf
  9. WTB like in title for daily using, so it must be in quiet good condition Let me know about offers. It can be shipped world-wide.
  10. 1. Asus Maximus V Formula - Brand new, box, only tested once on air. 150€ SOLD! 2. Asus Crosshair IV Formula -used few times, good condition, box. 50€ SOLD! 3. Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 - used once with LN2, working and fully clean PCBm box. 60€ 4. MSI Z87 XPower - tested once on air, never with ln2, box. 200€ SOLD! 5. Asrock Z77 Extreme9 - used once with ln2, perfect working and fully clean PCB, box. Warrianty 150€ 6. LEPA G1000W - Three brand new PSUs. Made by Enermax, 1y warrianty. 150€/each. 7. ryba FAT gpu pot - my privet pot from 1st batch.
  11. When it's a good day: 12€ and take how much you can, when it's regular day, it's 1€/L
  12. hahaha, what? I tested... a LOT cpu from A64 era and dead was maybe 3-5 cpus :nana:
  13. You are talking about me or overall situation?
  14. Think twice if you will be happy with untested model
  16. Mr. Dickhead No, she is not my, so sorry bro. In EU GOOC few cpus was broken after his selection - on stock settings it worked so/so, but just few MHz more or timings tweaking - nothing work. I and few guys lost chance to do anything becouse we fight with settings/mems, not with cpu In some point it was our foult as well, but we recived demaged cpus after testing for high clocks and ln2.
  17. October becouse it's after summer/holidays, some hardware relase always is in around that time, it's after cebit/computex...
  18. So from when person who make a event can make jokes? If yes, so AOOC is only a one big joke right now.
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