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  1. Idk if Safedisk is not doing Fullpot his chip must be really good must be pink paste magic 😂
  2. Thanks guys Normally this cpu has cb below -145 and cbb below -120. For this run i managed to do fullpot, but any attempt to do that with proper memory has failed so far Not sure yet
  3. About 4L for this run. Not sure about the one i had to abort because i had to answer the door.....
  4. I was honestly expecting an even bigger gain from that I have been trying to beat your backup but so far no luck. Does your card get cb/cs from new CUDA?
  5. Thanks guys, this was a lot of fun! Its extra special to me because this very CPU is what i used back when i first got into XOC
  6. So since the rules require vali link multi GPU subs for superposition are no longer possible?
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