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  1. no issue here, put a space between 780 and ti
  2. All the stages say FX allowed, but i assume its supposed to only be Ryzen 7. I currently have an FX sub in there by mistake( http://hwbot.org/submission/3899412_ ), can someone take it out of the comp without deleting it? Thanks
  3. What hole spacing can the Koolance pots mount?
  4. https://mega.nz/#!ZFYXWYyR!86bLLDTR1ciekQzo69VbGo1KcE-SuRSSTypY_QEwP48
  5. I believe i have found a Bug. Im running GPUPI 3.3 Legacy on 2 Gtx 260s with CUDA 6.0.5. On the second card the Memory is not released after a run leading to out of Memory errors after a few runs. Closing GPUPI makes it release it.
  6. 1whiteshark1


    that 7800 GT is the 512mb special version?
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