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  1. I got my cards in GOC, and before, I bought one card, with invoice, and payed. All cards retail, purshased, and they even informed about request (purshase). If you don't get your place to the competition, is not because the Galax HOF GOC is not good, but one of the options. 1- you didn't have lucky 2- you are mediocre overclocker
  2. In my way of view, with respect for all different opinions, I would like to keep benching the most recent benchmarks (Vantage or newer), and 3D. I like 2D benchmarks, but since I like much more 3D benchmarks, I wanto to keep benching 3D. Few time ago, after to fight a lot to keep in top ranking (I was #3 in Pro League at this time), Hwbot simply removed Pro League, and created the Pro Cup. After this, I focused 100% to best scores and to try 3D Records... I see no problem to separate 2D and 3D Leagues... since will no force the overclockers to bench one or another. If you like 2D... ok... go to 2D and play. If you like 3D... same... If you like both... play both... But why is needed to mix all in the same league, .... if is completely different? Why CPUZ with AMD need to be together Fire Strike... in same ranking... I think is pretty normal to think about 2D Records... 3D Records... and should be the same to think 2D Ranking and 3D Ranking. Is not only because I don't want to bench XTU, but because even you will look for information in the league, you will find 2D and 3D benchmarks... and 2D and 3D all (regardless there are old benchmarks 3D with much power on CPU... still a 3D benchmark). If Hwbot agree and follow, I will appreciate... If not.... I will keep doing the same I was doing .... just overclocking. best wishes. Will not push the idea of "Legacy/Old School League".... but I think also is important... lol
  3. I think the most of the guys here, are looking for ranking since it's a league. Unfortunately I don't want to bench 2D, so I have very few chances to be well ranked, since 2D and 3D are all in same league. But regardless Hwbot create separate leagues to 2D and 3D, I cannot understand why OC Sports add points to the ranking, I see non sense to have points for example, in Hyper X competitions, and don't have in GOC. To have poin ts in some Gigabyte competitions, or any brand, while people need to follow benchmarks, hardware and all. Let the OC Sports reward as OC sports, but never as ranking points
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