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  1. If you can, I will be very interested, can you provide a screenshot
  2. Platforms before 11th can pass 4133+ c12 11 waza pi 32m A0 PCB I hope to test at room temperature,Or under the air conditioner
  3. Do you have more detailed data. 4200c12-?
  4. Voltage and memory debugging.This is the first time I use Gigabyte. I don't know much about it
  5. If someone is willing to close the core to increase the frequency, why not? He didn't cheat
  6. Why? If it is disgraceful to ban the core, then it is worth advocating to use lower temperature to defeat the opponent? I think we should focus on skills, not more money!
  7. I don't think BIOS settings are open enough I didn't try very low temperature because it didn't help the frequency
  8. I don't, but I have GB3 video https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1f54y1m7tz?t=3
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