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  1. I just missed the video where you talk about this. https://youtu.be/hASk0Pmotqc Now I'm looking. I have wanted this radiator for a long time, already for a many of years, several times the deals fell through.
  2. Wanted TFC Monsta radiator.
  3. Thank you Semen. I hope 2500C9 have got true Powerchip? Luumi very like model this ram.
  4. I purchase yesterday 2 modules - one 2500C9 and 2nd - 2133C9. 2Gb sure both. I can't find any info about chip on this ram. 2500C9 i know - PSC. But 2133C9 - Elpida? BBSE?
  5. Awesome offer. history here! As far as I understand, a very small number of boards have the required connectors for this OC Touch Controller?
  6. Number here a absolutely amazing, better then most on cold. What is your's setup water rig?
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