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  1. Kashtan

    9900KF or 9900K

    Wanted 9900KF or 9900K. Can run 5.5 cbr15 on ambient water. Please yours offert to PM with numbers of voltage on ambient water cbr15. Chip will be working on heavy water or easy (R12) phase change.
  2. At least - what better? Im write to Michal to PM, not answer. Also write to Luumi on YT his channel - without response. Dark or Apex?
  3. Alex, if we ignore the question of price - is Dark better for our business?
  4. Please, who uses both mobo - say yours opinion. I think better - Apex XI. Memory support 4800, Dark only 4600. Better powerstage - 16 vs 12 - 60A. But Dark bigger (E-ATX), socket and connectors on 90 degrees, and expensive - 500$.
  5. Awesome performance! 10% binning this a amazing, nice chip this 9900KF!
  6. Congrats! Let`s try to break 7501mhz+ border on pifast! This amazing chip is made it!
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