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  1. Best Mobo X299 for OC - Evga Dark or Asrock OCF? I choose between both. Evga - E-ATX, construction as overall - heavy-duty. Asrock - many know how, highest performance. Which of them allows you to achieve the best results? What can I put less voltage for example? Thanks.
  2. Kashtan

    Platinum 7640X

    Result this CPU on 5.5 CBR15?
  3. Kashtan

    Platinum 7640X

    You absolutely right. But i think to next order: as golden (2-3% binning) CPU can run 5.5 for 1.376V, platinum (more rare, less then <1%) could be even for less voltage, example 1.36V.
  4. Kashtan

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    I finding more powerful memory from G Skill - "F4-4700C19D-16GTZR 2x8GB DDR4-4700 19-19-19-39 1.45V". Are there any plans to test this kit? "These are at the moment the highest rated retail kit available in Europe" - And does this phrase mean that there is an in the World even more powerful kit?
  5. Kashtan

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    Nice review Michael! Read with pleasure! What you think about OC potential this 4600C18 kit on top X299 Mobo like as Evga Dark, Asrock OC Formula, Apex VI? Special as easy daily using in 1.55 v or close.
  6. Kashtan

    Platinum 7640X

    Wanted 7640x, mighty run for CBR15 5.5 on 1.36v or less ambient.
  7. Great! What this your`s phase change rig? Compressor, refrigerants, etc?