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  1. At least - what better? Im write to Michal to PM, not answer. Also write to Luumi on YT his channel - without response. Dark or Apex?
  2. Alex, if we ignore the question of price - is Dark better for our business?
  3. Please, who uses both mobo - say yours opinion. I think better - Apex XI. Memory support 4800, Dark only 4600. Better powerstage - 16 vs 12 - 60A. But Dark bigger (E-ATX), socket and connectors on 90 degrees, and expensive - 500$.
  4. Great! What yours rig, rads, pump?
  5. Awesome performance! 10% binning this a amazing, nice chip this 9900KF!
  6. Very good! Which voltage on this?
  7. Congrats! Let`s try to break 7501mhz+ border on pifast! This amazing chip is made it!
  8. Kashtan

    Platinum 7640X

    Close please.
  9. Kashtan

    8700k - the best I saw so far on water, decent on LN2

    How much pull this gem on CBR15 or Prime on Z390 without HT on ambient water? 5800? Which voltage?
  10. APEX VI - not best for X299, memory, VRM - worse than OC Formula and Evga Dark. Initially my plans were only for KBX, so...