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  1. Kashtan

    9900KF or 9900K

    Dear George. As minimum 2 enthusiasts from Deutchland can run on 5.5 on CBR15 on water, one - ambient. 9900K|R15|2434cb|5500MHz|1.376V|5200MHz|2200MHz|RO G Maximus XI Extreme|Wakü 22°C|Direct Die|L832F298|Boxed|Hoschi 9900K|R15|2430cb|5500MHz|1.341V|5000MHz|2067MHz|RO G Maximus XI Gene|Wasserkühlung10°|Geköpft|L830F001|Tray|porter111 But germanische people dont much liked to cbr15, for him liked more Prime95 - much more warmest a test. Hypothetically 9900k which can run on 5.4 at Prime95, also can run on 5.5 with cbr15. Little much voltage a higher and thil all. 9900K|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.243V|4800MHz|2133MHz|ROG Maximus XI Extreme|Wakü 21°C|Direct Die|L832F298|Boxed|Hoschi 9900K|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.279V|4500MHz|1600MHz|Asus Maximus XI Apex|Wakü 23°C|Geköpft|L834F799#02168|Boxed|Perlibu 9900K|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.314V|5000Mhz|2050MHz|ASUS Maximus XI Gene|Wakü 19°|Direct Die|L830F001|Tray|Yoshimura 9900K|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.314V|4800MHz|2250MHz|ROG Maximus XI Gene|Wasserkühlung22°|Direct Die|L830F001|Tray|porter111 9900KF|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.270V|4500MHz|1600MHz|Asus Maximus XI Apex|Wakü 19°C|Geköpft|L908D501#00506|Boxed|Perlibu Also i checked this whole forum selling part, which CPUs were sold here, and found for example 9900k mahaudi R15 6840+ 5400@1.323v prime95 5200@1.181v 725 € Kind regards. Igor.
  2. Kashtan

    9900KF or 9900K

    Also see on 5400 on Prime95.
  3. -41 on in? And -31 on out? This is most impressive chiller i ever see temps.
  4. Wow! At least on water, and immediately better any 7920X! Congrats!
  5. Kashtan

    [FS] 6940 R15 8700k!

    5500 1.39 as i understand, take on air cooling, no ALO or water? So, on water this chip maybe can much better result?
  6. Kashtan

    [FS] 6940 R15 8700k!

    Any result on water? Voltages on 5600?
  7. Kashtan

    9900KF or 9900K

    Wanted 9900KF or 9900K. Can run 5.5 cbr15 on ambient water. Please yours offert to PM with numbers of voltage on ambient water cbr15. Chip will be working on heavy water or easy (R12) phase change.
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