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  1. Kashtan

    Z97 OC Formula

    Buy direct from China, please close.
  2. Kashtan

    Z97 OC Formula

    Look on all offers.
  3. Kashtan

    Z97 OC Formula

    Look at Z97 OC Formula.
  4. Kashtan

    5775C binned

    Also i see on binning 4980HQ and 5950HQ.
  5. Planning easy, 12/7, overclocking, not benching, with good air cooling. Money no object (almost). Any version - PSC, Samsung, MFR. Open for any offers.
  6. H2O vs Ln2 is a banned? I want to clarify - I am not familiar with this person, and have never dealt with him, but for many years his results have attracted my attention. What is it for?
  7. Kashtan

    5775C binned

    4600 MHz or higher on ambient. Good example. https://hwbot.org/submission/2923779_chi_kui_lam_gpupi_for_cpu___100m_core_i7_5775c_17sec_620ms I look to all offers.
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