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  1. Nice result! What is your`s phase change rig? Compressor, refrigerants?
  2. Nice result for 2080Ti! What is your`s water setup, chiller, waterblock, pump?
  3. Nice result for Turing! What is your`s water setup, radiator, waterblock, pump?
  4. Awesome result! LN2 you no need! What is your`s water rig, waterblock, radiator, fans, pumps?
  5. Thanks to all. Question is a closed.
  6. Hello to all. I plan to use the Single Stage phase change under the new CPU. I have questions: for daily use, not only a benchmark, in terms of noise, does it make sense to use this type of cooling? I read review about Asetek LS and Prometeia, level of noise a around 50-60 db, this loud of powerful water custom loop. But compressors which uses in this Single Stage - 8-12 cm3, 1/4 - 1/2 HP. Modern CPUs have got 8 and more cores, so TDP also sure higher. I read - 6 core needed 1/2 - 3/4 HP comps, for 8 cores - from 1 HP (21 cm3) to 1 1/4 HP (26 cm3). Also i have got questions - 1) Best refrigerants? For SS is a R-507A on ratio performance / noise. But R-402A little much better (R507 -46.7C vs R402A -49.2C ) and noiser. Uses on Prometeia mod by Chilly1. 2) Better compressor? Danfoss most reliable and once still work on -45C. Aspera Embraco - i read most quiet. Tecumseh and Bristol, & Cubigel most rarest, difficult to definitely say something. Americold and linear compressor from LG - very rare. 3) Direct Die and lapping for Phase Change - whether it was appropriate? I look - maybe yes. Gratefully for answer.
  7. Kashtan

    9900KF or 9900K

    Dear George. As minimum 2 enthusiasts from Deutchland can run on 5.5 on CBR15 on water, one - ambient. 9900K|R15|2434cb|5500MHz|1.376V|5200MHz|2200MHz|RO G Maximus XI Extreme|Wakü 22°C|Direct Die|L832F298|Boxed|Hoschi 9900K|R15|2430cb|5500MHz|1.341V|5000MHz|2067MHz|RO G Maximus XI Gene|Wasserkühlung10°|Geköpft|L830F001|Tray|porter111 But germanische people dont much liked to cbr15, for him liked more Prime95 - much more warmest a test. Hypothetically 9900k which can run on 5.4 at Prime95, also can run on 5.5 with cbr15. Little much voltage a higher and thil all. 9900K|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.243V|4800MHz|2133MHz|ROG Maximus XI Extreme|Wakü 21°C|Direct Die|L832F298|Boxed|Hoschi 9900K|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.279V|4500MHz|1600MHz|Asus Maximus XI Apex|Wakü 23°C|Geköpft|L834F799#02168|Boxed|Perlibu 9900K|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.314V|5000Mhz|2050MHz|ASUS Maximus XI Gene|Wakü 19°|Direct Die|L830F001|Tray|Yoshimura 9900K|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.314V|4800MHz|2250MHz|ROG Maximus XI Gene|Wasserkühlung22°|Direct Die|L830F001|Tray|porter111 9900KF|Non-AVX|5400MHz|1.270V|4500MHz|1600MHz|Asus Maximus XI Apex|Wakü 19°C|Geköpft|L908D501#00506|Boxed|Perlibu Also i checked this whole forum selling part, which CPUs were sold here, and found for example 9900k mahaudi R15 6840+ 5400@1.323v prime95 5200@1.181v 725 € Kind regards. Igor.
  8. Kashtan

    9900KF or 9900K

    Also see on 5400 on Prime95.
  9. -41 on in? And -31 on out? This is most impressive chiller i ever see temps.
  10. Wow! At least on water, and immediately better any 7920X! Congrats!
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