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  1. Even from phase change - only one result higher - 2641! Terrible!
  2. Congrats! Even on phasechange - only one result higher - little bit less! 28.28 points - versus yours 28.14! Incredible!
  3. Just beatiful! Practical question: holes near the socket, are they identical in size to those in Apex XI? I mean, from Apex XI, I still have the 9th Gen Direct to Die frame from rockitcool. Do I need to buy a separate frame for comets? I already have two in the collection, from Kaby and CFL-R.
  4. I think, OC Formula and SOC Force LN2 without hope sunk into oblivion. Sad. Even Apex first and next - have got E-ATX, now is minor ATX size. EVGA DARK LGA3647 never saw the general public. So, we will work with what will happen.
  5. I absolutely agree with you. We all remember how Apex and Dark walked close unison, although Dark was inferior in terms of these stated parameters. This talk is off topic, but the successful follower lucky memory MB - was the MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC.
  6. This is best motherboards i think. 1. Asus Apex XII (16 phases 70A, 2-slotes RAM, DDR4 5000) 2. Evga Z490 Dark (18 phases 90A, 2-slotes RAM, DDR4 4600+) 3. MSI Z490 Godlike (16 phases 90A, 4-slotes RAM, DDR4 5000) 4. Asrock Aqua (16 phases 90A, 4-slotes RAM, DDR4 4700+) 5. Gigabyte Z490 Xtreme (16 phases 90A, 4-slotes RAM, DDR4 5000) Your opinion?
  7. Best result absolutely from stock, air, water, ALO and even chiller of all 8-cores! WOW!
  8. Ого! Поздравляю! Это сильнее всех результатов на необслуживаемой и даже кастомной воде, и только один результат на чиллере уцелел из всех 8-ядерников... Ты из Норильска?
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