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  1. The right CPU in the right hands! Congratz for the long due 1st place without "special tweak" involved!
  2. Nice result and thanks for the feedback man! RTL/IOL is dependant of IMC, same for required SA. You can check page 25, I posted XTU @2047 12 12 12 tight, RTL 50/52 with not more than 1.35v SA on a "random" 6.5G Caseking CPU.
  3. If you could find that post, shouldn't be hard to find BIOS, maybe just read previous pages? Same for @Fact11
  4. There will be more Ambient comps in the future but not sure if any 3D and for sure no more XOC.
  5. As some of you already know, I'm no longer in charge of OC community and support for MSI as my job position changed. For any OC requests please contact @MTC. BTW, this is the last XOC competition (online or offline) from me and overall from MSI as well. Envoyé de mon ASUS_Z010D en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. BTW, since there is no ACPI BIOS, you will notice that performance in 32M vary a lot from run to run (up to 4s). Unless you find your own solution, my advice is to re-run again and again, according to BenchBros 2/10 runs are OK: BenchBros`s SuperPi - 32M score: 4min 31sec 562ms with a Core i7 6700K (NO ACPI RUN) [highlight]HAVE FUN![/highlight]
  7. @MTC ? - No ACPI BIOS and there won't be. - Use ASUS Guide and press F5 to select MPS Multiprocessor at same time you have to press F6 to load FiraDisk Driver, this will install non-ACPI XP. - VRM is not suitable for XOC but it is 100% enough for the current comp. - Z170I GAMING PRO AC is an entry level GAMING motherboard and therefore it is much less convenient to OC than XPOWER as it don't have any buttons, debug led or clockgen (need to Clear CMOS/Discharge MB after each memory training fail to reset Intel ME otherwise BCLK stay locked), however it can run memory at higher frequencies and tighter timings. - Command Center Lite to 2.0.013 (latest) can be used, no need for special one. Latest BETA BIOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h28ewvqmbyox2cj/E7980IMS.181?dl=0 (I recommend to use this one unless you need more SA) Old XOC BIOS (Computex 2016): https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc9pmdwxr81koo1/E7980O17.T72?dl=0 (Only difference is max SA air ~1.33v / max SA Ln2 ~1.35v, I wouldn't use it unless you need more than 1.25v SA which shouldn't be the case for benching. WARNING: Post at 12 11 11 takes FOREVER! 12 12 12 is OK) Hardmod guide for SA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fjr7oy1xyydyz3/Z170I_gaming_pro_AC.docx?dl=0 (Need to use XOC BIOS, up to 1.8V after vmod)
  8. Tapakah is using Z170I GAMING PRO AC (ITX), but I have posted 2000-2047 12 12 12 28 220 1T tight results on Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE.
  9. The old and new official way -> Get in touch with local office. Also @Massman, could you please upload first page? I have received more or less 50 mp for ABX since the Guru3D issue. Thanks!
  10. Yes I can do 2100 12-11-11 32M + Wazaa with my ES sticks. I'm trying to get them to unlock SA above 1.35v for max frequency and implement ACPI on this one too...
  11. On the left is Wizerty's own front panel/multi-meter. On the right is an MSI internal tool to flash BIOS with debug LED. It's more convenient since the board doesn't have its own Power/Reset buttons and debug LED.
  12. LOL, Toppc can't read English properly and he doesn't even know what's a HWBOT league! I'll solve this with him tomorrow, thanks for the heads up.
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