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  1. Ticket ID: 1475 Priority: High Could you please add the following processor to the database? Might as well get a few extra hw boints and team points while I have it powered up for the comp \r\n\r\nhttp://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2274353\r\n\r\nThanks
  2. How do I get a processor added to the site? I have a VIA C7-D (VIA Esther processor 1500 MHz) that I am using for this months comp, and have some 2D benchmarks I'd like to record while I've got it powered up.
  3. Cool, thanks. Temps shouldn't be below ambient (21.5C at the moment) as it's not under water yet, so I'll check that out shortly.
  4. I'm currently setting up a UD4 with an A8-3870K, and having trouble with temp monitoring. Real temp tells me my processor isn't supported. Core Temp and HWMonitor both say the CPU temp is 0C. Is there an app that will give me accurate (or even halfway decent!) temperature monitoring before I start to overclock it?
  5. Thanks, I've now downloaded that. I can't test it yet as I'm waiting for the processor in the mail, but I will try it as soon as it arrives
  6. I just took a look at the CPU frequency results for the 3870K, and I see that the latest CPU-Z has rejected every result, no matter what the overclock. I also noticed that only 2 of the results gained any hardware points for that result, and they aren't the fastest results. In fact, most benches with this APU have resulted in 0 points for the best result! Does anyone know why the results are rejected by CPU-Z? Also, is that the reason why most of the results got no hw points? I'm asking because I will be benching one very soon, and as I know I won't be breaking any records, if I am likely to earn no points I may not push it as hard.
  7. If the processor isn't delayed for too long in customs (hey, who want to pay UK retail prices when they can get lightly used processor at almost half the cost from the USA?) I'll have a 3870K in a UD4 for this comp. I've been looking for a dual-opteron board recently as well, but I don't think GB made any of them so I won't be trying that No idea how well the platform will do under chilled water, but it's gonna be fun finding out (even if it's not common enough to give good points - not sure I want to kill it on day 1 for 1 competition point )
  8. Condensation isn't the problem, I kept an eye on that. Also it wasn't at that temp long enough for condensation to develop. I have loads of neoprene and armaflex when I need to insulate. That was what I thought, it just seems a little odd that it is at a specific coolant temp that it won't boot, even though it's well within the specs. Yeah, it looks like I'll be RMAing it after another benching session I didn't have to touch other voltages than Vcore to get to 5.5 GHz, and when I tried going higher nothing helped. SB is far too easy to overclock, but it has given me the bug
  9. LOL, if I go LN2 I will have to buy loads of old hardware to bench, to justify the cost! I could have picked a cheaper hobby when I started benching this system
  10. My main rig is a 2700K with a GTX570, cooled with chilled water. I normally keep the water temp set to 11C, which currently (at 4.5GHz) is keeping the CPU at 46C maximum when fully loaded (folding) and the GPU at 38C maximum. A couple of nights ago I did some more benching, and turned the water temp down to 3C to see if I could get the CPU over 5.5 GHz. As soon as the water temp hit 8C, the computer shut down. It wouldn't boot again until the water in the block had increased to 9C, then it went into a cycle of boot, shut down, delay, boot, etc. It wouldn't even stay on at stock speeds as long as the water temp was allowed to drop below 9C. I upped the water temp again to 11C (avoiding the dew point), and the computer has been running constantly at 4.5 GHz (I'm probably going to increase it again to 4.8 soon) for a couple of days with no issues. Does that mean I have a cold bug, or is it more likely that the chip is degrading through pushing it so hard (at 5.5 GHz, to pass all benchmarks but without stability testing in IBT, the max temp was about 65C, and Vcore was 1.63V for about 3 hours of benches)? This is the first system that I have overclocked so heavily or benched so hard (and has got me into the top 200 enthusiasts worldwide, which I'm obviously pleased with). It's no big deal if the CPU is dying (hey, I expect that now I've taken on this new hobby - that's what RMAs are for), but it'll be handy to know before it happens on other systems I'll be benching (especially as I will be going high-end with the EVGA SR-X this year, and benching that as well!). Obviously I'm not YET an expert, but as my current goal is to reach the top 50 worldwide enthusiasts by late summer I expect to learn a lot in a short time (especially if I manage to afford a LN2 setup in that time as well!)
  11. I wondered the same as well. One less processor to buy if they are allowed
  12. It is possible to upload 03 scores and get a verification link without registering it. I did just that yesterday (completed the last few benches on my 2700K + GTX570 to get me in the top 200 enthusiasts).
  13. Thanks. I think the rules need updating to include the info in the forum Just to make sure I understand it all properly, is the screenshot at http://hwbot.org/submission/2248029_ what I should normally aim for? If it is, then it's not too difficult
  14. Thanks I have reread the rules for most benchmarks to make sure I get it right in future
  15. I received an email telling me my submission at http://hwbot.org/submission/2243777_debs3759_3dmark06_geforce_gtx_570_38473_marks has been blocked, with the reason "Benchmark settings and benchmark subdetails need to be visible". The rules at http://hwbot.org/news/884_application_12_rules/ state I provided the verification (futuremark orb) link for the submission. The verification link is http://3dmark.com/3dm06/16378688. Can someone explain to me why the submission is not valid, or if it was a mistake? And if it was (as I think) a mistake, how do I get it rectified (unblocked)? This was an entry for the January OC competition. I have tried to replicate the result, but have not quite reached my original score. It's still a respectable score, but I don't see why I should lose a valid score? EDIT: I registered several futuremark benchmark apps in order to be sure of having a valid verification url for every test, to avoid this sort of issue. Did I waste my money?
  16. The best I can get out of my 2700K is 5.5 GHz. It won't boot with a 56 x multiplier, and even a 100.1 bclk at 55x doesn't boot. No combination of bclk and multiplier will get me even 5 MHz over 5.5 GHz (at stock I can get a stable bclk of 106 with a little tweaking of skew . I don't mind though, I have a daily overclock of 5 GHz, and combined with a golden GTX 570 I got some pretty good benches
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