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G.Skill World Cup Live Qualifier 2023: 30th of May till 1st of June 2023


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  • Top-9 of the Online Qualifier are eligible to compete
  • Top-3 of the Live Qualifier proceed to Grand Final
  • Travel and accommodation to be covered by the participants
  • LGA1700 Platform, 13th generation Intel Core Processor and G.SKILL DDR5 memory only. Must use commercially available components (ES not allowed)
  • Contestants must bring their own hardware, including (but not limited to) processor, graphics card, cooling gear and motherboard.
    Contestants have to inform G.Skill in private which board they plan to use so OS can be prepared.
  • Participants must use the Seasonic PSU and SSD with OS provided by G.SKILL.
  • All participants receive 4 sticks of G.SKILL DDR5 before the contest. Participants must use these kits.
  • Contestants may not use any storage equipment (USB, DVD, SSD) not provided by the organization
  • The organization will prepare SSDs with required OS and overclocking tools pre-installed. If you want to have a tool included which is not in the pre-approved list, please contact the competition organizer
  • During the preparation phase, LN2 may be used. Contestants are free to try any benchmark applications, but submitting results can only be done during the specific competition window
  • Contestants can update their results at any time. After the judge verifies the result, the scoreboard is updated. The final approval of the results is done after the conclusion of every competition phase.
  • When on stage, during the preparation and competition time, the contestants must be by themselves and may not accept any outside help. Any outside physical help or someone joining the stage will result in automatic disqualification
  • Contestants must submit the result right after it was done.
  • After the competition phase finishes the benchmark results can no longer be updated and the best update of the result will be the final score. However if the benchmark was started before the end of the competition phase, the end result is still eligible for submission
  • The Judge has the right to ask contestants to re-run benchmarks to verify results.
  • Decisions by the Judges are final and shall not be discussed.
  • Participants are required to show up on time and prepared for on-stage presence. GSKILL and HWBOT reserve the right to refuse any participant access to the competition stage.
  • We expect fair play from everyone for those competitions. HWBOT and GSKILL reserve the right to remove results and/or participants who compete unfairly. The decision is final and will not be discussed afterwards. Examples of behaviors that aren’t acceptable: Influence others submissions to profit your ranking, Deliberately forget / make a mistake in the submissions process and ask later for change




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  • Crew
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ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX 9901 BIOS For G.Skill World Cup Live Qualifier 2023

cold temp retrain fix : LN2 mode + maximus tweak mode 2

gear4 : don't use mode2


octool 0216


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