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  1. Yes, that too. Now I actually navigate by editing the address bar in the browser.
  2. Of course not, I'm just over-annoyed Well, if I use the Team Cup as an example this are the things that could be approved: 1. The main page is ok, but there should be timers that shows when stages closes, so that you don't miss it. Would be great to have a overview of all stages as well on this page. 2. Under each sub-competitions page the overview could be better and show when each stage are finishing. Now I have to click through every stage which leads us to 3. The timers on the stages doesn't work. Most of the time they don't update when I go through the stages but instead showing the last stage I visited. I have to refresh the page to see the correct timer. 4. The site is also from time to time quit slow They red line through all this is better overview, I've been clicking around alot. I even created my own document to have better overview, I don't think that should be necessary.
  3. Resurrecting this thread Did you manage to run 32M on a socket 3 system? I have tried to run Spi 32M on a socket 3 system with a Am5x86-p75 and 96MB EDO and WinNT4. I have a 512MB CF-card as system disk and another disk with 1GB FAT16 partition which I run Spi from. Page file is 200MB on system disk. The 32M run seems to run fine for about 24 or so hours, just before the end (I havn't seen this live yet, always ends at night or when I'm at work), and when I turn the screen on, SuperPI process is terminated and there is a Dr.Watson exception. My theory is that it crashes when the calculation is done and SuperPi is finishing up. Could the problem be the page file? Should I put it on another partition? Enlarge it? What about partition sizes? NTSF vs FAT16? I have not installed any service pack yet since WinNT4 did not start after trying to install SP6a. If I put the page file on another partition there is enough disk space so that I could try to install all service packs one by one and see if that works.
  4. Very good idea! And while you're at it, scrap the OC esport page and redo it. It's not much that is good with that site. It's almost impossible to get an overview over big competions like Team Cup.
  5. I want to see Socket 423 and Slot A I know it is mostly about hardware, but it would also be cool to see a stage like highest 3DMark2001 score on Windows 98. Then it'll be fun just to see what everyone used Could also be fun to run benchmarks only on hardware released a specific year (mainly MB, CPU and GFX) so you get a true 1999 computer for instance. And I both agree and disagree about having the stage as general as possible. If you have the stages too general, there is no challenge, everyone has already benched it so they just repeat what they already has done. It's more fun with more uncommon combinations that actually requires some investigating and testing. I mean, socket A and nforce2? That's kind of boring Also, if you decide on a hardware/benchmark combo which have no result in the DB, please check if it's even doable first.
  6. Managed to solve the first problem and it was just a matter of disk space. Added another harddrive and ran SuperPi from that one. Unfortunatly Dr.Watson pops upp and throws an exception just before SuperPi is finished. I haven't seen live what exactly happens since the round finishes either when I'm at work or at night, but my guess is that there is some problem when SuperPi is doing the last stuff, writing to file and what not. Has anyone managed to run a 32M SPi? Anything below is just fine, 16k-8M, but 32M just wont work.
  7. I partly agree with viper-rd, if the screenshot doesn't show it is a HM8x chipset, the entry should be deleted. It can't depend on wheter the moderarators find information on Google or not.
  8. And I missed uploading result for Via SuperPi 1M since the stages are ending different times! PLEASE DON'T DO THAT AGAIN! The eSport site doesn't even work damnit so it REALLY hard to actually see when stages end!!!!
  9. Why can't I choose processor model in the drop down when entering hardware? It works for other hardware like graphics card and motherboard, bnut not cpu. I used to be able to submit anyway by just writing the exact same as in the dropdown, but now when I try the enter "Pentium 1 90MHz" it just won't except it. And as mentioned, I can't choose that in the drop down either... Using latest Chrome.
  10. Yes, please no low clock / slowest again. I love overclocking old/slow stuff, so I don't have anything against that, but slowing things down goes against the whole concept, imho.
  11. I simply cannot run 32M on my Socket 3 system. 1M works just fine, but I always get "Not exact in round" just around the initial value is finished. My system have 80MB ram, running WinNT and 200 MB page file. Any help would be appricieted. But maybe no one has succeded?
  12. Fast. I got the exact same setup and 9 min longer run. It seems like I'm doing something wrong.
  13. Well, I went through 5 rage 128 Pro cards until I actually found one that was identified as a Fury in GPU-Z
  14. Could you please allow QM87 in stage 5 aswell? It's practically the same chipset but the big difference it will allow more to compete. I have a Haswell laptop with QM87, and it feels just stupid not to allow it. And as someone stated, CPU-Z sometimes have difficulties recognizing the chipset so some that already have posted results might even have QM87 anyway....
  15. Is SuperPi 1.1 allowed (if enter result as x.999) so that we can use win9x?
  16. Where does it say "Fury" on the card? On some sticker? On the PCB? Most of us don't have retail boxes.
  17. You have to lift the heat sink, if it doesn't say Rage 128 Pro on the heatspreader it's not a Fury-card. Since its hard to tell which card is a Fury-card, I think that either all Rage 128 Pro based cards should be allowed or only Fury MAXX cards.
  18. But I don't think they were labelled "Fury Pro". Just that the Rage 128 Pro gpu was used for two cards, and those were sold as either Fury Pro or xpert 2000 Pro. http://www.anandtech.com/show/389 http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ati-rage-fury-pro-review,133.html http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/graphics/display/ati-furypro.html
  19. So what is a "Fury Pro" then? As I see it every Rage 128 Pro-gpu based card that isn't a xpert 2000 Pro is in fact a Fury Pro.
  20. Googled it now, and Ultra actually have lower clock speeds. I have to check my collection to see if I have pro or ultra or both.
  21. But what defines a Fury-card? I mean, Rage 128 Pro IS Rage Fury Pro. It's only Fury MAXX that had Fury in the name. Isn't Ultra basically the same card as Pro only higher frequencies?
  22. As far as I know the target score was disclosed when the stage was opened? And I don't see the point in announcing a target stage without the target score. You still have no idea what kind of hardware you need.
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