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  1. There are a few dx11 cards out there; GT 4xx/5xx/6xx and Radeon 5450 as mentioned. I think that's at least one in every team.
  2. I could now join also, although my points are not visable. But maybe it takes a while.
  3. Same here, can't see a competition button http://hwbot.org/submission/2561567_
  4. Other than max mem frequency, async and TCCD is not very good on NF2, thats why no one has done it. Also, I remember seeing 300 sync with bh-5 on ultra-b Edit: I take that back, 300 was probably on NF4, but Lastviking had around 285 on NF2 at least
  5. That sounds good, Greece not benching at all, so the rest of us have a change
  6. Wow! What an epic competition! Good it's all summer so we can enjoy the warm and sunny days and bench during the rainy ones
  7. The card is most likely sold to Christian.
  8. Yes, forgot to read the rules, everything fixed now
  9. !!!!SOLD!!!! Hi! Just checking if there's any interest in an extremely rare video card, Asus Radeon HD 3850 X3 Trinity (Google it ) This card was never released. It's three Radeon 3850 on one card, all watercooled with a special edition Tt Big Water WC-system. Everything works perfectly, have it in my system now. Images from today: Price €140, excluding shipping costs. I live in Sweden and I can send with DHL or trackable Postal Service (€60 within EU) If you just want the card for cheaper shipping cost, there is no problem just sending that, although price will be the same. You could hook up the card to an existing WC-loop.
  10. I've tried both. Got a slightly higher score when setting clocks in BIOS, but still a bit from what I "should" have
  11. I really don't understand Maxxmem, I got really really low score (>300) and I get the same running 11x240 as 11x270 (exactly the same). Running SLI-DR with Opty 180 and BH-5 at 2-2-2-5-1T. All other benchmarks shows correct scores.
  12. Someone with dualsata 775 should test this benchmark with a Qx9650 and ddr1, just for fun
  13. Wow, that list really rearranged alot at the last seconds! Congrats all the winners! It was fun benching old 3D marks. Btw, shouldn't I be bumped up three pins since of all the people that gotten 4 points, my 3Dmark2001 score was the best?
  14. Sometimes you just have to be a little flexible when doing competitions like this. This is the most logical and sensible decision. Next year I'm sure hwbot staff will include allowed versions in competition rules.
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