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  1. Not much sense in CC '14 being held in '15?
  2. JUNK site! Very ripoff, much fake look. jjjc Management
  3. The rules are to use Kingston memory. Whether or not it is directly stipulated in the rules, why would they not be able to request proof of that? If there is any doubt, Kingston and hwbot should be able to request for any reasonable information necessary to remove that doubt. Not rocket science.
  4. Why aren't you active in social networks?
  5. I try to keep it clean, but it never happens
  6. The global points are awarded to your best 4 core score, not for a score on a specific cpu model. Hardware points award for different hardware models Global points award you for a hardware configuration (ie, 4 cores)
  7. G3258 3418B976 1.4v 4.8ghz boot but unstable in os G3258 3418B987 1.32v 5ghz air 32m and hwbot prime 65c load Will update later with ln2
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