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  1. Dear Massman. How does it the result in the windows8 base process at the pro-cup? Does it pass? As soon, We are going to challenge the 4-way. If the win8 is ok, we will try the 4-way with win8. Please check it.
  2. ASROCK Z87M OC FORMULA is good... [Main Setting] CPU : 5Ghz ( TurnOff HyperThread : 4core / 4 Thread ) Cache : 4.9Ghz Memory : 1300Mhz 8-12-8-28-1T ( performance mode ) http://hwbot.org/submission/2403775_littleboy_superpi___32m_core_i7_4770k_6min_0sec_797ms?recalculate=true [Voltage Setting] Vcore 1.38v Cache : 1.3v System Agent : +0.3v Cpu Analog IO : + 0.2v Cpu Digital IO : + 0.25v Dram : 1.89v VTT DDR : 1.01v
  3. awesome result. lovely "Black Edition"
  4. Dear Massman. Many oc teams participate in this competition for around 2 months. For 2 months, the overclocker make a effort for the top ranking. Currently, I am looking at the regiested result. I feel their effort and passions for taking the top position. But, that's too bad. Among of registered result exist the previous result. If I had the previous nice result, I wouldn't need to make a effort almost every the competition. so, I think that only the oc-result during this competition should be admit. What do you think about this?
  5. Dear guy. 1.51 beta bios is very good. I can run 5ghz with direct boot. The pll override trick doesn't need. I easily run 5Ghz.. super-pi 32m test. cpu-z validation. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2233544
  6. Dear.. Every guy.. My MSI x79a-gd65 test in 1.51 beta bios. This version is more stable than before any version. I think that this mobo doesn't need the trick of pll override. I can run directly 5ghz. ( 6core ). http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2233544
  7. I updated the ud3 mobo with f5 bios. This version is better than the previous bios version. ( f5c ). I test that 3930k raise the clock up to 5Ghz. I can run the super-pi 1m, impossible super-pi 32m or 3dmark11 test. I discoverd the trick that it is same as the massman's trick. But ud3 mobo a little bit different from msi x79-gd65. PLL Override Function is the state of disabled is more stable.
  8. I'm using the ud3 mobo. the ud3 mobo has the same problem. Drop the multipler because the easytune installed in the window. so, i uninstall the easytune.
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