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  1. Thank you for reply 5600G/5700G on ROG B550-E Bdie A0 and I'm waiting for a 3800c14 neo Basically like to improve cinebenchs, geeks, gpupi, x265
  2. any help? about voltages: VSOC max 1,25v on air / H2O ? VCPU max 1,25v on air / H2O? VDRAM ? other voltages or volt's range? mem timings? thanks in advance
  3. Hi to all I'd like to improve BDie oc on Cezanne, please someone can suggest voltages and timings to set? I am on air, maybe cold in future, I guess. I think it is a little bit different from intel platforms. Thank you very much in advance
  4. superpatodonaldo`s 3DMark2001 SE score: 164640 marks with a GeForce GTX 580 (hwbot.org) apex xii, xp32bit
  5. some results from kit 4 and 6?
  6. There are some subs without comp background and no rig pic
  7. 2 gpu cores stage are 3DMark06 GPU (SM2.0) - DDR2 [ATI HD4000] and 3DMark05 - DDR2 [GeForce 200], right? not catzilla 4k ddr3
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