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  1. I haven't got any exp about this, just remembered to read about convex chip surface. Anyway I'm interested what result's You'll have !
  2. Somewhere I read that the top of the chip isn't flat so You can't do good contact after delid. Try to find some info if it's true before risk a cpu.
  3. Thanks ! Not really. It has cb too a little under those temps. Didn't use thermal paste so I can make some valid. But it's quite a struggling. I'm going to try again, I'm sure, but I'm too tired to play this tonight. These cpu's can go really high without this creepy cb !
  4. Same score at first 2 place !! Really hard ! Grats mate and all the others of course ! Unfortunatelly I can't made better subs for this round. Next time maybe ! I'll be waiting curiously the final standings !! Good luck for all of You !
  5. Yes, it was ! Put the X5460 to my P35 for a smart test for my freshly watercooled GTX295. But when I saw how well that tough Cpu works in that DQ6, I became curious how far can I push it. Pretty impressive from a P35 I think ! Not without reason is one of my favourite mobo !
  6. Thank You for the board and for Your help ! It couldn't be done without You ! It was team work !
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