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  1. Massman, have you looked at Roomorama? I booked a place in Xinyi last year that was cheaper on Roomorama for the same apartment. :D
  2. I'm there for MSI booth babe duty 31st to the 10th. I'm looking forward to this year!
  3. Thanks Bull Just messing about with these cards. One of them needs a bios or something to get voltage control. Will need to revisit. There should be a good 100-150mhz extra then.
  4. I've long assumed that ES are not allowed. I skimmed the thread and didn't see any reference to it.. Yay or nay? Cheers edit: found it.. not allowed sheeeeeeiiiiit
  5. Well done everyone.. great competition this year on the first day with everything coming down to the last submits. Proud of our Aussie boys JJJC and SniperOZ to finish where they did despite weaker CPUs. Crazy effort by T0lsty, Rbuass, Lucky N00b, Vivi and everyone.. bring on MOA 2014!
  6. Cheers Carl, I will definitely give this one a go on ln2 soon
  7. Cheers It definitely has potential. Its a QE6S and so needs a board with ivrm fix to really see what it can do.
  8. Its real weird that we can mention the names of the boards, but we have to say 8 series chipsets. Makes a lot of sense
  9. I'm in. Have you got a venue in mind? 2am race start is late, but I can ask the Tavern Sports Bar if they are willing to stay open. They will need a few bums on seats to stay open until 4 or 5am though.
  10. Only listening to SLAYER today. RIP JEFF HANNEMAN http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jeff-hanneman-of-slayer-dead-at-49-20130502
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