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  1. I dont need rev 7,8,9 etc. all new rev are bad. I only need watch best results on cpu and sockets sometimes. And overclocking dead, and when normal old results blocked.....its very dissapointing....
  2. who cares about working hwbot and overclocking, blocking wr results bcz of nabbing what we need nowadays.
  3. So correct database and correct this result, i dont whant spend my time for it.
  4. Its not laziness, i dont open this bcz no information on it as i said. All overclockers how bench or spy results in this socket know this. But you dont whant tu study, as i said if you dont whant go away from modering results. You can say, oh...i dont know that, thx. but you start some stuff about time etc....if dont have time go away and dont chek this incorrect.
  5. If you dont have time why you post 100500 words here? Its not about time, ist about knowledge. If you dont know stuff about overclocking, go and google. Or dont chek results when you knoledge is 0. How you can chek then if you know nothing? After my post you can open another results, 2 clicks on mouse. And correct this. Why i need reload, here my result, unlock it.
  6. why you block this? cpu-z not show information about mem on ali alladin, not need to open it/ just look on another results. block best results on socket7 bcz you dont know info about this socket...cmon...
  7. I have same on giga and diferent cpu...but at -20 and -30...depends on cpu. i think its not mobo limit. great result!
  8. intresting, someone delete my result on 233 mobile. i have near 5mins too....very intresting.... ps as i said before mobile MMX have coldbag, my 266 work only at 0C, i reach some 500+ with it. my 233 works only at -20C. if you have luck this air 500mhz cpu can do some 550 i think. dont think 600+ pos on this cpus.
  9. yes its complex, but every overclocker need to do many things like in "old school" days, not buy pot from kingpin and put ln2 to it. or know how to start superpi...or whait...xtu. he need to know how to do all stuff from begining to top. take every socket and without friend make top result himself doing all itself. and if he cant do result on slotA he is nothing, he is not overclocker or bencher...just buttons pusher and stupid points. im waching for overclocking like 15y and last years no progress, no competition, nothing. how many ppl reach -200 with ln2? noone....new ideas?....no....its just stupid....
  10. yes, why not? its intresting and im do all i can. dat overcloking. you say that i cant, i think i can. why not? i told you why, bcz you know this result is nothing and even i never benching s7 32m know that this easy to beat. its not 140fsb(not even 135), its not ln2 etc. i run 4m on 140fsb air, i know 150 pos on s7...just noone bench hard. this result just good 166 and that all. only 166 cpu, no good mobo or cooling...you just run test and give this to me and said that i can beat...next i run normal, bench normal, take 4m+ and what? i want bets. you not pass bcz know i win this.
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