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GraduS - TUSL2-C @ 256.6MHz - 256.59 MHz Reference Clock


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No ln2, no tests)


PS only test 231x9.5 4:3 22257 on SS, for you) 1.03.5. can post screen if need. so no normal score on 230fsb.


Muahaha,my idea of 220*9,5 4/3 2 2 2 5 7=1m is wrong,so 4/3 is very bad.


So,with a normal sl6by you can broke the min with 230...

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1266)....and with golden 1400)


I have cool 1266. 1900mhz air 1m, 2500+mhz cpu ln2. I try stabileze 250 fsb 1m with it.


Uhm,with a 1.4s clock a superpi@250 with very hard,but you can try 1.4s@230/235 and 1.266@245/250.


When you will bench on ln2?

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